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  1. Congratz to the new Mods! I'm sure you will have plenty of work ahead of you!
  2. Crazy idea, just throwing it out there: what about merging it into Suggestions? My imaginary vote goes to this.
  3. I'm mainly just trying to find certain traces on stuff that I got s long time ago. Its no deal breaker it just means it sill be harder to sell some events I have If it was from a thread you posted you should be able to see all of your posted threads using the General search function. If it was a singular post on a thread that was not yours that might be a problem. It looks like it may be a limitation on the forums, but I will pursue the issue with Trendy.
  4. While I'm fairly certain it's due to past forum issues/moving we've had I will go ahead and ask about it.
  5. Please try to maintain a healthy discussion and keep your posts civil. If you cannot see a difference of opinion without arguing then I would advise it best to refrain from replying to it.
  6. There isn't any real point to bumping such old threads. Let them have their peace.
  7. Congratulations RaNgErZ! Hope you enjoy being a part of the mod team!
  8. I will be closing this thread because it is a pointless rant that will only instigate flaming/fighting.
  9. While TE appreciates your feedback, disciplinary actions are handled by the company than owns the console. With the lack of protections on certain consoles it can be extremely hard to prevent hacking/modding. Refunds are handled by the parent company of said console and you would be better to contact their customer support with regards to your request.
  10. I'm not a fan of purple. About all I can say on that at the moment.
  11. I would hate to see the pet system removed from the game. I know during the twitch tv it was mentioned there may not be pets, but I would very much propose otherwise. We don't need the pet system that we had before. Something more like animal companions than pets. Preferably something akin to what Torchlight 2 has. We can move away from the "cutesy" style that DD had and move to a style that is more "mature" that DD2 has. What does the rest of the Council Members think?
  12. ...I think every character should have at least one tower that deals with almost any situation to varying degrees.... This is precisely what I was thinking. Every Hero should be usable in any situation while still having a roll that they are best suited for. Instead of having to rely on each Hero for their intended roles, you can utilize any Hero to fill those roles in a pinch or just because you want to. Ideally we shouldn't have to rely on a single Hero to accomplish a single task; let any Hero be able to fill that roll even if there are other Heroes who are better suited for it.
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