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  1. Winner is Jaditz with 30 Coal. Add me on steam to set up the trade. Thanks
  2. Messaged you on Steam. Ready when you are :-)
  3. I'd still love this... 5CV + 3 coal ;-)
  4. Thanks again for the runs. Highly recommend for anyone struggling to get over the line with a tricky map or just to learn some great builds. A+
  5. Pretty sure that *Cough* Embermount *Cough* was directed at me lol I'd like the same runs as MR.BOB got please. ;-)
  6. Congratulations Jaditz, winning bid of 30 Coal. Add me on steam so we can organize the trade, Thanks to all the bidders :-) Hi guys, I'd like to auction my Ult++ Hyper Rifle, hopefully you guys are interested. I accept coal 6/1 cubes and diamonds 5/10/15 Thanks https://i.imgur.com/8AZVyrE.jpg Winner : JADITZ 30 Coal
  7. I'll bid a coal each on the undertow, the clava and the plate armor. Thanks
  8. WaR GoD

    Item Check Thread

    Could I get an item check on this please? https://i.imgur.com/8AZVyrE.jpg
  9. WaR GoD

    What to Farm?

    Generally Ult++ Weps, Pets and Armor. Mostly Armor. Apart from that... people always want event items. Thanks, appreciate the help. I have an ult++ Hyper Rifle (423^) that may be of some interest. i'll keep trying to work on the other stuff.
  10. WaR GoD

    What to Farm?

    Cheers will do. Thanks
  11. WaR GoD

    What to Farm?

    Hi all, I know this isn't specifically trading based but I'm just getting back into DD after a long while away. I'm looking to build up my tower sets and also get some good pets/diamonds. What are people chasing and what is in demand? I'm on holidays so able to do a bit of farming either for myself or to trade to others. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. You need to do survival instead of campaign cheers. I'll give that a go
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