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  1. @I_PASS_BUTTER Hi, my issue was solved and I received my missing title. However now it was removed again. There was an issue as to when I did receive it instead of "Defense Council" it was "Defense Council 70" which is why I believe there might have been an issue. Am I supposed to send in another support ticket to get this fixed..?
  2. Hey guys! I just set up a plug.dj for Dungeon Defenders 2 and I think it would awesome for it to really take off. plug.dj is a website where you can make custom playlists of all your favorite songs and queue up to have them played for everybody else to hear. You can vote on whether or not you liked the particular song or if you loved it you can take it and add it straight into a playlist of your own. It also has a chat bar that lets you chat with other people in the room so that you can discuss your favorite strategies for incursion or try to find a group of people that want to group with you. Keep in mind this is a new community so traffic might be low at first but let me tell you that i'll be there for sure! so come hang out and play some DD2 if you want! http://plug.dj/dungeondefenders2
  3. I like the idea of "2 hero slots per character so you can have 1dps and 1 builder" but you guys gotta remember that like in DD1 there will certainly be characters where it would be, for lack of better word, stupid to build them as a dps or a builder. LIke the Barbarian or the Summoner
  4. I like the idea of lowering the requirements. 3M per piece is a little ridiculous
  5. I do that as well. I like to jump on top of the pet hatchery/feeder and then move across the roof to that little area above the weapon/armor shop. Since there is a closed door up there I feel like it could be opened up to reveal sort of a parkour course of sorts just for those who feel like killing some time while waiting for a teammate to sort through their inventory or go and upgrade some gear.
  6. MaplePwnCakes


    So it would kind of be like emblems on Assassin's Creed? If they had presets I feel like I could get behind it but if people could free-hand one for themselves I feel like it would lead into the realm of Call of Duty emblems where there is nudity and such...
  7. I keep reading through all the guides/answers for people that don't have their Defense Councillor badge on the forums here, but I just for the life of me can't get mine to show up... I am both a member of the defense council and I have bought the collectors edition. My steam account is already linked but my badge isn't showing up. Can anybody help me fix this please?
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