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  1. Has any discussion been had in making hero decks actually function as an interesting "team" feature, or is it still just a weird halfbaked feature?
  2. Yeah, totally. But you can't expect it to get better without posting criticism. I'm still pretty excited to see how the game turns out, there's just a lot of rough edges that need some smoothing.
  3. Limiting it to one switch, or anything like that will severely impact solo players. I realize that a lot of the vocal userbase like the multiplayer aspects, but completely alienating the singleplayer base for balance reasons for multiplayer seems like a poor decision. And, at this point in development, I'm not even sure balance is an arguable point. My issue is that the mechanic itself seems kind of half baked. It could be more, it could be a fun and engaging feature. Currently, the only reason it exists is to put limits on people, which is only relevant to a portion of the userbase and annoyi
  4. Oh, I'd also like to rant about the hero deck mechanic. It feels like it either needs further fleshed out, or it needs scrapped. By further fleshed out, I mean that it feels like there should be some synergy between characters aside from being able to switch to build different towers. Maybe traits that add passive bonuses while in the deck? It also feels like all heroes in a deck should get XP while in a game. Maybe not full XP, but having to run a map 5 times to get one hero high enough to progress, only to have to run it another 5 times to get a second hero to the next level range, then have
  5. And....actually pretty disappointed. Itemization feels tedious, with very little gain. The menus in general require a pretty excruciating amount of clicking, especially since you need to "save" some items that you don't want to use so that you can use them to upgrade other pieces. It creates a situation where you are punished for cleaning out your inventory. The overflow bag helps, but it creates even more clicking and navigating the menus. Not only is it tedious, the effects of optimizing gear feels minimal. In the original, getting a handful of points in like Tower Range felt significant, be
  6. Basically, 2 things really, really ruin my enjoyment of endgame soloing. 1). Build timers...Tower Defense is a sub-genre of the strategy genre, not of button mashers. There's no strategy in desperately trying to scramble around building towers and swapping heroes...and this is even compounded by point 2. I get infinitely more enjoyment out of Survival mode simply because I get time to breathe and plan between rounds. 2). The maps are absolutely huge that are being released now. While this isn't a huge problem in itself, Trendy insists on adding more and more mobs that REQUIRE hero interact
  7. b) Would you want the game to be so easy that you can solo every map? No, but I'd like it if ANY of the added content wasn't absolutely horrible to solo.
  8. I'd like to know the answer to that as well tbh Same.
  9. aside from the crashing as soon as you enter a game thing
  10. It's actually quite funny when you think about it. Due to Trendy's lulzy "let's release Nightmare to hopefully keep our quickly dwindling audience hooked", they have defeated the purpose of their entire progression. It would be the same as WoW skipping from vanilla to cataclysm, then just filling in burning crusade and lich king after everyone had been farming cataclysm raids. The whole thing has more holes than time travel, now they are scurrying around trying to fix it while the users are wondering wtf is going on. By the time they finish their Quest storyline, people will already be o
  11. well DU really isn't a factor. If you use 2 harpoons on a lane (12 DU). Replacing one of the harpoons for a 4 DU buff beam is far far superior. A 3 started buff beam makes that 1 harpoon worth 2.6 harpoons (its been dps tested). It takes only 2 upgrades to have the buff beam EQUAL a 2nd harpoon. They kinda need to tweak the beam. Right now it upgrades way to well and getting additional stat points make a very very small difference. On the other hand, most other Series EV "towers" are crap.
  12. From what I've seen, it's only if you get multiple ogres that they'll start the melee smash. If you have a single ogre, he'll sit there spitballing for up to 40s. Never, ever seen a single ogre beat on a reversed spike. Is this with console or something? Definitely isn't the case when I just tried it on PC.
  13. I just finished Endless Spires NM HC with an app builder sitting at around 350/450/300/300.
  14. So, I just started playing again after a long break. I managed to struggle through level 25 insane alch labs survival, have all 4 classes with around 200/300/200/200...what do I do now? I read everywhere that doing NM Endless Spires is where it's at...but how? The first round ogre has millions of health, kills towers in 3 hits, and takes almost no weapon damage. The videos I seen of people doing it didn't even have the Ogre. So....
  15. I'd love to see you just dps through nightmare without any towers. I'd love to see you just build through nightmare without dpsing.
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