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  1. Ya, in basically every game I prefer solo play. When playing with others, especially people you don't know, there is almost always a large gap in the player's knowledge, gear, experience etc. This means you often get in games with people who are still trying to figure out where the enemies come from by the time another person has finished a build. I almost never feel like an equal in parties. I am either getting carried or carrying, and I am not a fan of either situation. Plus, as you mentioned, sometimes people go afk. Sure you can kick, but maybe not everyone realizes the player is afk or what is wrong, so you have to explain, which still wastes time. On the other hand, if you are playing with friends or some kind of pre-arranged group of fairly evenly skilled players, it is inherently more fun, you can all help and learn from each other and even if the reward structure was exactly the same as single player it would be more efficient to play in a well organized group because the workload is split. This is why I wish the single player and multiplayer rewards were at least equal, if not slightly favouring single player, rather than the way it is now.
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    Solo play?

    I generally play solo when I play games and it isn't much different with DD2. I can easily solo all maps on all difficulties (it became much easier once I got monk uber (lightning strikes aura), but still doable without). I would recommend actually doing multiplayer incursions when you first reach lvl 25 as you will gear up much faster (otherwise you may need to do some freeplay solo first and work your way up), but once you have some decent gear I prefer solo, much less hassle.
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