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  1. Didn't bought it yet. Well good to know ! Thanks guys :)
  2. Hi people ! I'm a bit of a collectionner and I missed the Skeleton Monk / Squire. These skins were limited and I was wondering, it appears that you can get them in the Hero pack on Steam. Thing is, I have everything in this pack except for those 2 skins. So like, what happens to my money ? Do I get an equivalence since it is mentioned that they don't give duplicates (which I don't want anyways) ? Do I get a retail on the pack ? Do I just lose about 40$ for things I already have ? Thanks in advance !
  3. I love it Trendy ! I am particularly interested in the Sword Beam Cooldown removal :D
  4. Hi DD2 community ! I've come across a bug lately when I'm playing on Freeplay Normal -> Dragonfall Bazar with the Summoner. The flying lane that I look at in the picture below gets stuck and I need to wait for the game to kill them. They just don't go pass the balcony.
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