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  1. Right now i am leveling my characters to 50. The only one i have at 50 right now is the huntress. All my gear is crap as well as my pets. I was able to do the last stage of campaign on the second to last diffculty with no problem with my huntress & squire but i deleted my squire by mistake as well as my huntress weapons so that is why i stopped playing lol.

  2. Hi, i'm new to dd2 & i would like to know a few things

    1, where in the world do you go to buy the new character abyss lord

    2, how does this hero deck work when it comes to everyone that's in it getting exp because i have 2 people in it but only one is getting exp. Also how do you switch between the 2 that is in your hero deck while in the battle phase.

    3, when do you start getting pet drops

    4, where do you go to use your medals from maps

    Thanks in advance for taking the time out to help.

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