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  1. a reroll is that they reroll the stats on the items(to get rid of the most op gear), wipe is deleting allthe items. So if they wipe they only wipe the items not the characters? Hence the crystals and costumes stay the same?
  2. So a re roll is new gear, but characters staying? Also, if they go for a wipe do we get the crystals back?
  3. Hey. The following statements are my opinion and are in no way to be taken as a final or even good solution to certain problems, it is just the way I see it and I want to share it as feedback, to me, seems like what is demanded by us as pre alpha players. So I think bosses are too easy stopped with LA+Geysir combo. Soluition? Diminishing return. First stun normal duration ;second stun half duration ;third 1/4 and then no stun. This would improve two things. First encourage teamplay in form of kiting bosses. And not demoralizing solo players by giving them a chance to still do multiple bosses solo by building a waller or flawless kiting. Furthermore it would not be necessary to "remove" Defense Speed in form of making it a "passive stat". What I think makes DunDef outstanding is the incredible RPG aspect of it and the ability to customize your character the way you want it to fill your needs and strategies. It is so rewarding to think of a build you want to test out and seeing it succeed. So by using diminishing returns the reason given to make DS a passive stat would be nullified. That being said. I would love to see more customization. Spheres are some form of customization, however I think customizing pet stats and maybe a small skill tree would be a great addition to the depth of the game. Imagine a skill tree for each class further choosing certain characteristics of their tower e.g. choosing if geysir stops knocking targets up but slowing in a large area or knocking up for a longer time; this is just an example but you get the idea. Now this should not get out of hand and end in the player being flooded by choices. However, right now I feel a bit underwhelmed by the choices I can make and think there is mostly only one way to go on each class. ( I ofc recognize this is pre alpha and subject to change, but again ,feedback is nothing bad eh?) Loot. I don't like getting purple or blue gear from betsy or from any boss on +++hard. However, I don't want to get spoiled either and just have a straight progression curve. Thing is I can't use every single legendary either. The hardest bosses should atleast drop items according to their level and difficulty. Meaning legendary(133+) or Epic (150+) of some sort. If there would be more customization options a subpar legendary might become a niche item for one of the players projects and he would feel accomplishment, which he now doesn't because of item power 88 drops. From what I have read these are the most common discussed topics right now I haven't read through all of them. I posted this here so that we can discuss about it as I would like to see what you guys think of it aswell. If this isn't the appropriate place please remove it. I truly love this game and the DD series hits a sweetspot in my gaming heart it's truly, truly outrageous and I hope it gets even better. Good job Trendy, Devs and everyone who is a part of the DD series. Thank you for reading and I would love to hear every single opinion on this as I think DD2 can become a masterpiece. Edit1: Petfood+lockboxes...make them stackable...please?
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