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  1. Looking at the situation I think the best idea is to re-roll the items for a very simple reason. People who don't mind the wipes will probably be okay with re-rolls as well. Those who are against wipes are going to be disappointed if items are wiped.
  2. There should be a notice of confirmation on the lockboxes that you want to open it. As it stands if you're checking out what's inside you can accidentally click the buttons...which I did.
  3. Anon


    There may be some sort of ladder or competitive play in the future.
  4. Anon


    The spheres could potentially be problematic giving players an unfair advantage if they have the money to buy keys.
  5. Does the type of food you give to your pet matter besides the amount of experience it gives?
  6. Wyvern tokens are not difficult to obtain currently, just tedious. If you can beat a level once you can beat it again. While wyvern tokens may not be essential to game play, why would you want to lock content from players who want to get all they can from the game? Players should be allowed the set the pace in which they play if they want to do it all as fast as they can, why not let them? Doing a single mission a day for wyvern tokens does not equal retention.
  7. Can we not make this personal? Just because I disagree doesn't mean you're right am I'm just too stupid to see or vice versa. If you post expect to have people criticize, you can't say only certain people can talk if they agree with you. I have stated my opinion on the matter of this idea. If you don't like the way someone plays don't play with them. If you want to join public games, you're going to have to accept people play different way and can't always be as good as others.
  8. So, you join a map and do nothing and you SHOULD get XP for that? Also, the current system is that if you join a map and build all the defenses yourself, you still get nothing, so how is this worse? Efficiency percentages do not add up to 100, so it's not splitting the experience, it's a modifier based on how much you actually contributed to the stage. Your fighter would get efficiency based on their performance compared to the other fighters, not the builders, so this actually wouldn't hurt you at all in this situation and the other players who actually built defenses would get experience for the defenses they built. You aren't getting penalized for anything. Honestly I can't see a reason to do this, it sounds like you got mad at players not doing much but you can kick people or play with friends. There are far too many situations where this would be detrimental to players because other players are stronger.
  9. I disagree on the hard to come by part. Boring to come by is closer to the mark in my opinion. Also there are a lot of items you can buy with the tokens, getting a sphere may be your choice but someone may want a wyvern egg instead.
  10. So if I join a map with random people and they already have all the defense points spent I should be punished because I won't "Contribute" as much? No thank you.
  11. Wyvern tokens as far as I know are limited to 1-4 a day. This is a terrible idea as some items cost 180. Even at 4 tokens every day that's 45 days worth of grinding. Please add additional way to earn them as I know having a way to work towards something will keep me interested in the game much longer than having to wait and grind daily.
  12. Anon

    Defense ledger

    Have a sort of scoreboard or menu for defenses that are currently placed. The ledger would show Defense type: Tier: HP/Charges: Who placed it: Repair button: (Only usable during build phase for obvious reasons.) This would make it much easier to take a glance of the defenses as whole and allow for quick repairs.
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