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  1. That isnt very much money if you've been farming insane survivals for hours. I am at 150mil and I have spent A LOT on upgrades haha. Please don't default to calling players cheaters. The world aint so black and white xD
  2. I much prefer the look and feel of gas traps exploding and stunning, but there's no avoiding the fact that enrage aura is super OP. My hope is that there are only minor nerfs if any to defences, and more buffs to other aspects to bring them in line. But we'll see how the balancing team likes to do things soon enough I'm sure.
  3. I am sure we can expect these kinds of tool-tip changes/additions eventually. It's too important to ignore. We all want to know every aspect of our towers and how stats are effecting them. Especially when comparing gear and stat weights. Ensnare definitely doesn't feel worth it yet, even with a lot of power, not even sure if stats are affecting % right now. More testament to how much we need this in the tool-tips lol :D
  4. Pet stats aside. I am eager for pet size to vary a lot more. I remember having some prop-cats that were bigger than my hero....and I miss him..
  5. All 10 of my rocks are terrible so far, but Ima keep trying! haha
  6. I don't think there is anything to fix here. Whenever I fail map (which happens to us all from time to time), I take a step back and first see if there could be some tweaks to my build to avoid whatever occurred. I recommend you upgrade the damage on your weapon a little bit. Even on a fully builder-specced hero, you can destroy ogres if your weapon has been upgraded enough. Also you can 'bait' ogre snot throws away from your defences if you position your hero correctly, takes some practice but you can outsmart the fools! Just a few things to think about, because I know you can be the best defender out there, you just need to believe in yourself!
  7. As the title suggests. PM me or post your goodies here :)
  8. Deck presets that can only be switched in build phase could be a good idea. At least till we get a MUCH better UI when it comes to sorting through heroes. I still remember when they decided on the 'carousel' wheel, not fun when you have as many heroes as I do, haha. I usually just delete all my builders and recreate them all at once so they are all next to each other in the list, easy enough xD
  9. I would be happy to pay gems for a material-specific vault slot if it were at a small discount compared to regular vault/bag slots. (If the reasoning for being against your idea is because Trendy needs to make money somehow) haha
  10. I one-shot Rollers in C7 and decently high onslaught - with an AP monk. IDK if MORE AP is necessary haha My abyss lord and AP squire are VERY strong too without good mods whatsoever. I see what you're saying, I havent tried all heroes with an AP or hybrid build YET but I will soon enough, maybe some heroes benefit more from AP than others right now, in which case, maybe AP scaling can be adjusted? I just don't want to see AP outperform HD builds is all : P
  11. 5 shots* Quad = 4 Quin = 5 First time this mod dropped, I googled 'quintuple' because I was tired and (insert excuse here) haha :P
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