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  1. Already submitted the bug(s) but thought I'd create the thread to promote other people shining light on the many bugs brought about from today's patch. Gonna have to take a break till some of these are fixed, pretty much unplayable atm. Remember to report bugs in game, every voice helps :D
  2. I am unsure of the highest, but aim for one with 80+ upgrades, although 60 will do for awhile progressing through your game. Things you want to look out for when upgrading is projectiles (x3 is max), fire rate (to the cap), and THEN dmg the rest of the way. Important to note that not every dragon will let you upgrade projectiles/firerate and should be considered not the best dragon :)
  3. They really need to give new joining players the 'death camera' or something of the like when they join during combat phases in HC. Many people just leave after a minute or less because they think it's a load screen issue. It feels bad to sit in that screen.
  4. The main reason I've found is when joining a Hardcore game mode, since it disables spawns during waves. Sadly there is no way for new players to tell that they are in the lobby / on hold ready for the next wave to start - resulting in many people leaving instead of sticking around, since to them, it appears to be a screen load bug or issue. There needs to be another screen variant you can load into, or at least just give them the fly-camera that everyone gets upon death. Just an idea..
  5. Hmm, I've not encountered this issue before (and I've been playing an unhealthy amount lately). I wonder if there's a particular trigger for this bug. I use Sell All often and still havent triggered it. Makes me nervous now that you've brought this to light haha Any other ideas to what the trigger could be to replicate this bug on my end?
  6. I understand the frustration, I was also told 'soon' when I emailed support. Where we differ here is that I am really enjoying the game and have high hopes for it's future with CG learning valuable developer lessons along the way. I know I will get my skins eventually and since it's just a cosmetic, I can wait, it doesnt adversely affect my enjoyment of the game. Once again, I understand people's frustrations, but a refund? Do you not have the same high hopes for this game that you want to see it have a glorious future? Defenders need to be incredibly patient, if history has taught me
  7. I mean, I am using the term 'abuse' loosely obviously. I am talking about discussing things with the community and refining my thoughts/ideas before submitting it the second it pops into my head ,is all :)
  8. Disintegrator was already in the game prior to this patch, and was an underperforming waste of a weapon haha I guess it's time to move on, very sad that they don't announce stuff like this beforehand, give some people a chance to farm loot before they basically remove it.
  9. Well the first part is obvious, hence the post haha :P I've been farming maps both survival and campaign in hopes it'll make an appearance with x4 huntress deck but so far no luck. None of my friends have found one in their travels either, unlucky.
  10. "Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow! That I should say good night, till it be morrow!" Been farming for hours without our tried and true Soul Focuser making an appearance. Say it isnt so! Mayhap a bug, perchance? I pray to the great Eternia crystal in the sky that perhaps it now drops from somewhere else? How unfair and cruel life can be, for those whom missed out on such chances to obtain a beloved weapon of such power!
  11. Yeah I've added some suggestions via the bug report option we have, I am trying not to abuse it too much and opt for open discussion on forums a bit more :)
  12. It would be nice to have some custom deck presets that we could name & save and quickly switch between in build phases. It would also be nice to have any other variant of the ui than we currently have, but you know, us defenders gotta be really patient for this kinda thing :S
  13. RIP Soul Focuser farming, you won't be forgotten <3
  14. It's actually crazy BS that they made the SF so rare now, so far it feels like it doesnt exist (been attempting to farm). Very very sad.
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