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  1. A big thank you to the devs for pushing out a hotfix at 10:40 on a Friday night just so that we have a less buggy game to play this weekend.
  2. I'll do a quick test to be sure, but my understanding is that everything left on the ground is simply lost.
  3. Maybe. Seeing as I've not used it yet, is there a sell all button? Cause really the last thing I want to do is have to click on every single item in there to sell it. I don't think you can sell directly from the scavenger at all. There's definitely not a sell all button.
  4. Is it actually changed, or is it a display bug? all my passives are showing exactly 1/100 of what they used to be. It could easily just be failing to convert to percentage but still sticking the percent sign on the end.
  5. to be fair, fully upgrading a single near max item costs more than that right now.
  6. They've been pretty clear from the start that there is not going to be a release wipe.
  7. I've definitely gotten older gear with mixed passives. I agree, though, that it shouldn't happen.
  8. It's more than just flamethrowers, I had it happen to me earlier. I played a liferoot incursion, and the first boss dropped loot, but nothing after it did. There were no flamethrowers, it was all LSAs, explosive traps (not mine) and frost towers. I did attack all of them, and it didn't help.
  9. I really hope this isn't the case. I don't mind if there ends up being another wipe, but if Trendy has decided that weaselly, technically-correct statements are how they want to deal with the community, that is something I'd quit over. They've been pretty open with issues up to this point, though, so I doubt that's what's happening.
  10. Well, here's a new level of weirdness for me. I'd been getting dailies pretty regularly lately, and yesterday I stopped playing with one left and about halfway done (it was the "play 8 maps" one, and I had done 4 or 5). I logged back in a little after dailies should have gone out, and not only did I not get a new one, but my half-finished one was also gone.
  11. Yeah, I really don't understand what the point of this change was. Like you said, End Game Insane is now exactly what End Game Hard was before the change. It's still a 30 ipwr jump between the best gear in Insane and the recommended ipwr for the first level of NM1, so it definitely didn't help progression there. And getting into the old End Game Hard was probably the least painful transition in the game currently, since most people will spend a while at the high end of Free Play Hard to finish leveling. But it turns out, even if the goal was to ease that transition, it's still a miserable failure. I looked at the numbers for the new End Game Normal and Hard, and I'm completely confused. The new End Game Hard overlaps almost completely with Free Play Hard, the difference being that End Game Hard is slightly harder than Free Play and gives lower ipwr gear. Yes, really. Free Play Hard gear starts at ipwr 100 and goes to 150, while End Game Hard only goes from 100 to 135. Meanwhile, the required/recommended ipwr is 10 higher on average than Free Play, meaning that if you actually tried to progress through the new End Game Hard it would be slow and grueling. The situation with End Game and Free Play Normal is about the same, but at least on Normal End Game is just harder for identical gear rather than worse. I have to ask if anyone even did a sanity check on the numbers before pushing this difficulty revamp through. End Game Normal and Hard have no reason to exist as they currently are.
  12. The biggest issue I've had is with kobold heavy lanes. It's really easy for one kobold to hit the barrier, trigger its explosion, and then have 2 or 3 charge through before it resets and hit the towers.
  13. The biggest problem with arcane barrier is that they stop functioning entirely between doing their explosion and resetting. They'd be a better barricade if they were completely passive, since at least then mobs wouldn't ever be able to walk right through them. And of course that leaves aside that the knockback from the explosion isn't very effective. Right now it seems like it's a circular burst from the barrier, which sends enemies in all sorts of unintended directions. It should be a force that pushes straight forward in whatever direction the barrier is facing.
  14. Sephoris


    I swear, the very first day I started playing, I saw an NPC that did this. They were off to the left of the blacksmith, and had an interface that let you put a weapon in one slot and make it look like a weapon in the other. I didn't use it, because I had no items at the time, and I never saw that NPC again. I kind of feel like I'm going crazy, because I haven't seen any sign of that NPC ever existing since, but I'm positive I saw it.
  15. What really hurts is that, against grounded lanes, Apprentice has absolutely zero crowd control. Even monk still has some pushback against grounded lanes. Apprentice just can't do anything to slow down the mobs. As far as bosses go, I think the tornado uber sphere is designed to make tornado a boss damage ability. I doubt it's worth giving up the CC for, but it is an option. What about an uber sphere that went the other way? Ice Storm sphere: Tornado does less damage but pushes back and chills all enemies it passes through. I'd like to say freezes enemies even, but I suspect the synergy with Earthshatter towers is way too strong to ever let that happen.
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