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  1. Every hero should have an alternate gender, games that lock you into one gender are so last century. They dont need to be a new specific hero because if the community wants more classes, imagine each one having the opposite sex, it'll make development of them take forever. A Simple reskin allows more diverse heroes to be added. If anything that skin should be a choice when creating a character and then the other gender would be locked behind a few gems.
  2. Kaizan

    Mechanic Hero

    Love those skill thoughts ninja, the conveyor belt is really interesting.
  3. Them being limited is what makes Ubers more noted when you find a player with one, if they were easy to get, they wouldnt not be exciting. I vote to keep them hard to come by
  4. Kaizan

    Mechanic Hero

    Nice, you had a similar idea too and only a few days old. Any chance you heard me suggesting it in incursion matches? or are just both after a similar concept hero. On a side note I hope they dont add any repeated heroes from DD1 =\
  5. Kaizan

    Mechanic Hero

    No, just picked something from google that resembled an image from my head. Sorry shouldve said that
  6. Kaizan

    Mechanic Hero

    Hey, was thinking of a hero that would be different then something we've seen in Dungeon defenders and wanted to suggest the idea. Was thinking of a Mechanic Hero that would look amazing with the art style trendy has taken here. A girl with giant goggles holding an oversized wrench, who would build a hovering repair bot, that would work similar to auras from a monk to automatically heal towers lowering its own durability. Then machine gun/rocket towers for AA and Grenade catapults for splash damage. As an example
  7. I dont think it should link to the title..a title is a title. Anygame where they are present no-one really cares, yeah we know what they are, and we will personally be like cool. But past that EH. However with the coloured border idea, I think linking that to the power level of a character would be nice, so you know who is geared, because at the moment we only have weapons to go by if they haven't built
  8. Kaizan


    I heard a cool idea that I think should be brought to trendy. So when you're upgrading towers and it says how much mana is required to upgrade, it would be nice to have a tooltip displayed with it saying the bonus you get from the upgrade.
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