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  1. @[UMF] Filthylopez quote:

    @Radu Lykan quote:

    @ram1024 quote:

    slight AFK gaming is great.  like when you just repair and upgrade till you're out of mana, then park your hero somewhere and hit G.  that's relaxing and you get that great feeling that you're accomplishing SOMETHING while focusing on something else (netflix)

    Unless you park your hero anywhere remotely close to a core. Then assassins can just GAME OVER you, because assassins being able to damage cores makes sense.

    Lucky a core takes up 0.05% space in most maps, makes not sitting directly next to it a cakewalk ;D

    I'd says 5% sounds more accurate per core, since standing anywhere in the vicinity can get it assassin'ed if your idling. The whole central area on greystone, either of the platforms on bulwark, etc.

    Still easy to avoid, just annoying and I don't want to think that killing cores is the intent of the mob.

  2. @ram1024 quote:

    slight AFK gaming is great.  like when you just repair and upgrade till you're out of mana, then park your hero somewhere and hit G.  that's relaxing and you get that great feeling that you're accomplishing SOMETHING while focusing on something else (netflix)

    Unless you park your hero anywhere remotely close to a core. Then assassins can just GAME OVER you, because assassins being able to damage cores makes sense.

  3. Are cores instantly exploding on sewers  in c7 a feature or a bug?

    I've had three separate occurrences (Wave 2/5, 3/5, 5/5), of within 20 seconds of a round starting, before any mobs even have a chance to get close to my core, the core just exploding.

    I'm imagining this must be one of the kobolts somehow destroying the core as soon as they spawn since I've only ever seen this in c7. Of course whenever I tried to record the issue for reference it never happens.

  4. Seems like the two main camps of people on this issue;

    -The people who hate they change because they have friends new to the game and want to help them gear up so they can play with them.

    -The people who either solo play, or have friends that are already geared and have no one they really want to help gear.

    I mainly fall into the second camp myself, but I can understand the issues of the other side, but; If you want to help gear up a friend to play with you in C5, it doesn't seem like it would take someone too long to do. If they have level 50 characters, you would just need to assist them through a few  maps of each Chaos tier just so they have some basic gear in each armor slot of one hero. Meanwhile you'll be getting more chances at some Tier specific shards. Its not as fast as just jumping into C5, but it's still a fast track to the end game.

  5. I did read and the points are laid out quite well.

    One idea I had while reading this, on the topic of shards:

    While I feel that while giving one of each type tier of shard might be nice, it would probably be a bit overkill.

    If we could simply convert unopened shards into a sort of shard based currency, this issue could be circumvented. For example if you had the option to either open your C5 shard, or convert it into some sort of currency that could be used exclusively to purchase other shard packs from other, this issue would be solved.

    It could be a simple conversion or tweaked however, but I feel like it could be a solid solution that could be manipulated through exchange rates to find a spot that Trendy would find acceptable.

    For example:
    A C5 shard is worth 5 Shard Points (SP),A player could by a  C2 shard pack for 2 SP.

    Alternatively if for some reason they still encourage people to play lower chaos tiers a little, a C2 pack could be bought for 4SP, and only sold for 2SP - Or something along those lines.

    This could also be tweaked to allow people to buy specific shards they want for a high price.

    Lastly, if they want to prevent players from buying shards above their tier they could make this shop only accessible after a completion of a map, and then only sell items from the most recent completed chaos tier.

  6. @Elyssae quote:

    Granted, my opinion or feelings on the matter are subjective, but I still refuse to believe this system is intended when there's absolutely no IN GAME information regarding this. It does not say anywhere that I need to do this kind of ladder. Thus why you get so many posts about this around here from fresh accounts, it's not officially or widely known . If I hadn't been on these forums, I might have taken an even longer time to find out that choosing a map, regardless of the Chaos I pick would only net me 46 gear. Leading me to believe it was more of a bug than intended. 

    The truth is, there is no End game. There are no new maps, no new challenges, if anything, we've been taken content instead of adding. We're still playing the same maps, same number of rounds and a lack of direction for this so called "end game". 

    The game is limiting playstyles over and over, and thus, I say it again, Why should my playstyle be punished ?

    DD1 still made people who got carried feel useful. It was a nice way to keep the ball rolling, to build a community and a sense of accomplishment. Loot Mattered, but Loot was shareable. 

    If anything, during DD1 it made LESS sense to be able to carry people, since in a way, it would hinder your income in the long run, as you could sell the gear instead of letting others pick it for free.

    DD2 has nothing of that. It forces you over the same Maps over and over with bugs that are ground breaking more often than not.

    Fair points. It should be noted in game. I feel like I may have heard of it during a dev stream or a Friday fun from an official source, but I don't have an exact video or a time stamp at the ready. A quick post by our CM could clear that up. 

    I guess if I try to look at it from a TN prospective I  could reason out that the progression limiters shouldn't effect someone playing through the "content" in a fresh and isolated environment. A new player comes into the game and naturally progresses through the difficulties, obtaining new gear as they go shouldn't be crippled by these changes. Then again, anyone that works in the tech industry should be aware that customers will not use your software exclusively as you intended them to and documentation is a good way to cover your ass.

    I feel like the new chaos mobs do offer some new challenge, unfortunately that new challenge is now the only type of challenge available. 

    Game has a lot of problems.  I just wanted to point out I don't think the progression limiters is an unintended one of them. I've kinda been liking how when I started C5, I got lower stated gear and now have been seeing a somewhat steady increase the the stats of the gear dropping as my average IPower has been increasing - if I ever get any useful drops at all.

  7. @Elyssae quote:

    @Radu Lykan quote:


    If by 46 items, you mean level 46, then its not luck, it's the system working as intended. 


    I would hardly say the system is working as intended .


    You're feelings about the system aside, doesn't change the meaning of words or the fact that its working as the devs  have intended it to. It's fine not to like the system and recommend that it's changed, but it is currently accomplishing exactly what it was intended to do.

    Personally, I played plenty of DD1 too and it always felt a little silly that in such a progression based game, someone could skip right to end game if they could find someone willing to carry them.

    Public games and scaling are their own separate issues that need to be fixed.

  8. @DödKärlekツ quote:

    But anyway, im lvl 50 atm, but im having a hard time to gearing my Lavamancer , i only get 46 items to drop for me and i have been in "boost groups" and clearing some Chaos 3 maps and Incursions too , but no luck at all. I have unselected my other hero and only working on gearing my Lavamancer atm. So is there anything i need to do berfore i can get higher gear ? Im fully 46 items atm , is it im just unlucky?

    If by 46 items, you mean level 46, then its not luck, it's the system working as intended. 

    You have to be at the previous tier of gear to acquire new gear reliably . For example, to get C3 gear, you should be wearing C2 tier gear. So going into boost maps isn't going to help you, especially not if your not even in basic level 50 gear. It's trendy's way of preventing being able to skip right to end game gear if you can get someone to carry you a few wave.

    I'm not sure exactly where to look for level 50 drops, I'd assume Harbringer would be good?

  9. @iamisom quote:

    From what I've read about loot progression, the core issue is that players do not enjoy or don't understand that they need to equip gear on all decked heroes in order to find upgrades. Is this correct? If we changed this to only drop based on your highest hero, do you think that would solve the frustration you're experiencing?

    That would be nice. Before the patch killed things for me I was farming C4, and wound up taking every hero except my builder out of my deck to actually get some drops.

  10. I just wanted to make a quick thread in order to try to put a positive spin on the adjustments made in the patch. I see a lot of various complaints about yesterday's release,some of which I've got to agree with, but overall I believe the patch made some fantastic positive changes to the overall game. Without making a 300 page long PDF wall of text, I just want to point out a few things for the displeased to think about.

                 The balance of the game has changed dramatically, and while some things may be bugs or oversights in design,  these balance changes are in general a plus for the game. They seem to serve to make the game actually a challenge for players and not just a tedious grind fest for gear. A single cookie cutter set up may no longer work for every map now, which is how a tower defense game should work. It forces the player to actually think and adapt. With the old gear systems, adapting was much more difficult due to having to find the right passives for each build. Now thanks to shards, it is much easier for players to change their style to address the task at hand. Additionally , now with hero involvement seeming to be much more critical to success at all levels, the player may actually to actually play as opposed to simply setting up towers waiting for loot (RIP PDT). And while on the topic of loot, even if you do completely get screwed by RNG loot roulette while playing - the Ascension system still gives you some (very minor) gains which can at least provide some sense of accomplishment and progression.

                TLDR; I think the patch has turned Dungeon Defenders a better game by bringing the elements of challenge and strategy back to it, and relying less on the simple gear treadmill aspect of the game to keep players involved.

  11. I saw that this was on the list of known bugs and that the team is looking for any more information about the issue.

    I was playing around 7 hours ago when my internet connection dropped out (so much for uninterrupted access Verizon) and I was able to log back on two times while my connection was coming back every once and a while before it died out completely. I turned off my desktop and now when I came back I no longer have a play button or my account appearing on the Dungeon Defenders launcher. The issue is only effecting the machine I was playing on when the connection loss occurred, and I can still launch the game from my laptop without issue.



    EDIT(rather than a needless bump): Submitted as bug report/Still doesn't work today.

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