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  1. Will you be publicly announcing the winners or pming them??? The number of their post is in the OP. And, I pm'd them all.
  2. just wondering, when you plan on doing it? Will be ending this tomorrow. The process of giving the items to the winners might take a while though.
  3. GIVE AWAY OVER Items will go out over the next two days, will take me some time. Sorry for the wait, but I have things to do, and this will take a bit of time too. But, don't worry, everyone will get what they won. Winners 104: Staff 1 68: Set 1 32: Isom 38: Seahorse 12: Rock 1 65: Staff 2 37, Cube 43: Rock 2 72: Set 2 60: Rock 3 62: Cat
  4. I completely agree. While we're on the subject of hot women, Cure, why did you remove your avatar of LIGHTS? It saddens me :'c
  5. Updated OP, the give away has now ended, thanks for throwing your hats in the ring guys. Might do another give away soon, so keep your eyes open.
  6. GIVE AWAY HAS ENDED WINNER OF SWORD Thanks to everyone who entered, sorry to those who lost, I might do another give away in the near future, so maybe next time.
  7. I'm not so sure but the easy to obtain skins give 25% more hp and you loose some speed as a cost. Super legendary ones are about 50% more hp if i'm not mistaking with like 20% more damage (this is a random value i only noticed a huge buff in hp really, damage isn't tthat much of a difference). All this at cost of like 50% of your speed which is retarded if you ask me. They force you to become slow and get a bit more dmg and hp for that. If i wanted a freaking tank i would use barbarian, not a damn monk/squire/apprentice/huntress. IMO, super legendary skins should be something like thi
  8. ure best bet probably is making a server Saying I NEED A HACKER !!! and hope one will join as its impossible too do legitly since the boss is complete bull**** :D
  9. There is no pet for survival, besides Giraffe I assume. And, now sure about all the weapons, but the Huntress weapon, gets like 400+ per up, it's insane
  10. Personally, I think that the down side outweighs the up. While it is certainly true that any cheater can look in the DDDK as you plan to, I frankly believe that most of them are just too damned lazy. If it involves more effort than watching a youtube video, I don't think most of the cheaters are likely to bother which would still leave them open to detection. For that reason, I'm voting against a public breakdown. I 100% agree with this.
  11. Increase in HP, and damage. But, you take a large loss in speed. Squire Parent for instance, is very slow, in comparison to regular Squire.
  12. /fixed I tried my best to help you out >.>..... :'c That is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.... only if mine looked like it.
  13. maybe this will cheer you up a bit *tears* That is... so sad. Do the RNG Gods have NO MERCY!?
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