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  1. It doesn't directly cause me to crash, I only included that in case it would help resolve the issue. But It sounds like I'm not the only one. Glad to know you guys are aware of it.
  2. It seems like every time I finish a public Chaos map I end up searching for about 2 minutes only to be presented with this message. Is it just me? http://imgur.com/a/1U6vJ Edit Also this message comes up too http://imgur.com/a/PoI22
  3. Hello, I was able to play the game earlier, but now every time I login, I have to wait an unusually long time to see the "Trendy Entertainment Logo", but then the game fullscreens and just sits on an infinite blackscreen. Is there anyway to fix this issue? Thanks!
  4. "Poison Dart tower now stacks its poison rather than adding multiple instances of the dot." Are these not the same thing? Or is it that the multiple instances would fade overtime whereas the stacking will just continuously increase the damage the more times it is hit by a dart? Like if P = poison, the bracket is the mob, and 0 = poison has faded. Multiple instances: [] -> [P] -> [P, P] -> [P, P, P] -> [0, P, P] -> [0, 0, P, P] Stacking: [] -> [P] -> [2*P] -> [3*P] -> [4*P] -> ... -> [N*P] , where N = multiplier Did I get that right? Sorry for
  5. Title says it all. Trendy pls. I am broke and this glitch doesn't help.
  6. The link didn't work :/ http://i.imgur.com/V5FbgkZ.jpg
  7. This is a pretty annoying bug. Baiscally green mana will sometimes disappear or fall through the world when I open a chest sometimes. In the most recent game I played, green mana was dropped by a player on flat ground and instantly vanished before my eyes. This causes players to have to reset the map. I would appreciate it if this could be investigated.
  8. Wow... I wish I would have seen this thread earlier. Just lost 3 level 25's with 150+ gear. 185 hours down the drain.
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