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  1. If you have trouble with loadtimes just redo the inventory code, it does not seem like like it is worth saving anyways. The invalidation of gems shouldnt be the solution for your bad code. PS: TY for listening to our call for more slots though.
  2. I dont really see the point in using an outdated browser. Even though his reasoning for the complaints is bad, he is still right: The Forum software sucks big time.
  3. I dont really care, usually ppls calling others stupid just do so because they lack other arguments - can we go back to topic ? btw. my post was no contradiction, just maybe slightly bad english ( no native speaker, sry ) my point was ( imho comparable to what gigazelle also posted ): a build ( as a general player setup) made by a single set of specific boni for this build ( like the current whitestats etc. ) is always inferior to a system that just gives access to the tools ( combining tower speed with a %-chance proc for example ) if the items a build is made of are generic enough, ever
  4. Yeah, based on what they are currently doing they really should stop. Builds should be a nice Option, but players should be able to work out individual builds ( like a only defense-speed-stun-everything,but do no-dmg cannon build for example ) White stats ( = builds ) are so strong they are required for every endgame item, and there is no room for variation.
  5. When playing with my new Purge evil weapon i havent notice it triggering and i became unsure about the trigger conditions: 100% chance ?only my hero kills ?only my hero kills as a monk? only my tower killsall my kills?all ( team,hero+tower+pet) kills?is there a animation for the explosion?
  6. Yes... someday it might(!) be ok. NOW it is time consuming, and annoying - it drains motivation that could be used to play the game and test stuff.
  7. was fixed to flat bonus together wirth frostfire
  8. While i can support this strategy ( good job on communication here ), i would apreciate if feature removal and UI fix would have been in the same patch. The current system causes a lot frustration while playing.
  9. well done. ps. the Scavenger sucks big time, i am yearning for these planed inventory fixes...
  10. I dont think they are doing their job wrong. They are Developing and fixing Stuff. ( Breaking other Stuff ) This is how things become if devs organize themselves. There just seems to be no responsible project management, and decent Developement Cycle ( agile developement / or scrum anyone ? ) I dont understand how all these Bugs could slip through QA I really wouldnt mind if they only fixed like 10 Bugs and added 1 Feature every other Weeks, as long as the general game would improve.
  11. Scavy would be ok IF we had a decent Bag UI
  12. Just a short suggestion: In other games i saw the patch announcements directly linking the patchtime to timezone calculation sites. Everyone abroad googles the timezone anyways - why not directly supply a link ?
  13. So, what about the patch ? I wouldn't mind a "patch will be late by minutes/hours/days , QA noticed 1-2 last minute Issues that we are fixing" No communication at all sucks.
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