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  1. She was spitting fire from the dead. (This actually was playing the fire breath animation until the mission auto finished.) RIP my fps <
  2. It's been noted that this has been a long time. Though this is now more clear since the speed removal, as the impact Is alot greater.
  3. Not really related to the event. I had several special enemies simply not drop anything on this map.
  4. Coding. Not sure If the trap's health is coded In such a way that they count towards self damage when using a charge, thus making the sphere proc.
  5. Did anyone test this? I'd like to know If the proc works on the Huntress traps when they explode.
  6. Whoa really awesome, hope the loot was worth it
  7. Not the greatest, but still my fav <3 http://i.imgur.com/JtrBaNj.jpg
  8. I see. Though dificulty and effort Isn't really a problem i'd just like to be more efficient at this, as It's really boring, but theres no other decent alternative.
  9. Which Is exactly why I dislike It atm. I'd much rather just place another trap/tower for increased DPS, and In most cases It is the better option, given the present state of the boost.
  10. I've been running Betsy normal instead of easy. Am I handicapping myself? Is the extra minutes not worth the extra XP? Or Is it negligible? And thanks for that, great work there mate.
  11. As someone who really enjoys playing Huntress I really appreciate your effort In this. The lack of wikia really makes me sad when I want to know this kind of info. Awesome job, and thank you!
  12. After playing 4 waves, the animation when It transitions to Betsy spawn never played, but the lanes got the "Blocked" text. *No trees falling down to make a path upwards. *No boss spawn. *No video of such spawn. *Can't press G to start or anything to progress.
  13. I don't mind attack speed being nerfed, but I do mind about the comboes. Like really, setting up a lightning stun combo is such a waste of DU and mana that it isnt even a joke, seriously.
  14. Also, they do feel to me like the best way to stack magic damage on physical resistante lanes. Is It just me? Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know. My App Is almost at the same DP level as my huntress but they seem so far apart In terms of magic DPS I don't even.
  15. Have you actually played DD1? You could manually trigger every trap with the Huntress. There are really alot of reasons to pop them, really. You can read the above post as one of the best uses for It.
  16. It was really weak In the other patch, now It seems really good. As Is, when enemies walk under It, It falls down and It burns everything In the area for x amount of time, even when someone enters the area after It explodes(Though It doesn't have a visual for the ground burning). The baloon can be manually activated from far away with attacks either from your weapons, skills or pet attacks, but other towers don't affect them...why? I think that's one idea of a combo that should be looked at. Even If It's not a combo per se, having towers positioned to trigger balloons would be awesome. Like
  17. My screen can't fit the new launcher, and I can't change the resolution of It. It kinda sucks to drag It around just to hit play every time I wanna play the game. First time I thought the Play button was disabled for the longest time an kept waiting, because It wasn't showing up until I dragged the launcher to the side. Any plans on changing that soon? or some workaround?
  18. The idea of the Boost Aura scaling with Defense Power Is awesome, as It avoids making It an all around thing that's must have and useful In all monk's builds. But it doesn't give enough. My idea: Make It a large boost. Divide by the number of structures affected. So maybe you have that harpoon that's meltying things on the hallway and you want to make it awesome? Or maybe you don't have enough space of another with good positioning? You place the aura and you have 100% boost on the harpoon. Now you build 2 harpoons, and each gets 50% of that boost, and so on. That way It makes you think ab
  19. Removed the table, forgot the coins. Silly haha(Near the lamp) I want my change back If you guys remove my floating coins.
  20. Are they wiping the cosmetics as well? Like the stuff that needs leveling (that's alot of xp farmed) and the accessories we got from boxes? Not sure If it's only a character/equipment wipe.
  21. Is there any current plans for range indicator when placing traps? They seem very inconsistent as well. If you place a trap and try to place another next to It, It won't allow, but If you do that In a different order It's allowed, with the same traps(mainly Huntress Geyser's I have in mind). What's up with that?
  22. We'll probably know when they decide. Atm they're trying their best not to wipe anything
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