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  1. I feel stupid now. I didn't even notice my DD2 updating today, and I check the forums daily and didn't see the patch either. Huh
  2. Today I was leveling a low level character and got this one. Never saw It before. Not even any of my friends, wtf is this?
  3. You fixed it AND you're an overwatch fan? Wanna be best friends with me?
  4. Ooooohhhh XP fix. My body Is ready. ETA on targeting fix?
  5. My problem Is so weird I dont even at this point. First It was bugged, then It wasn't, then It was, then wasnt, now It is again. What is this
  6. I...actually disagree with this quite strongly--though I thought the rest of your post absolutely on point. Me'n mine rather dislike how backloaded XP is on successful completions of a map because it heavily disincentives challenging yourself. As is, losing a map means you don't get access to the overwhelming bulk of the XP; as such, leveling players are heavily encouraged to run maps they know they won't lose, even if something goes wrong. That's just...so boring and stagnant. Me'n mine love playing games where there's a very real risk of not winning if we mess up. While I agree there's
  7. Im guessing it goes Forest Crossroads for Dragon eggs cause its the 3rd map unlocked through the 3rd difficulty. Half life 3 confirmed
  8. Yeah I've been seeing talk about that In the other thread. Do golden eggs carry higher rarity versions of lower tier pets as well? Like a legendary Furlin?
  9. Does that mean we won't have a wipe when the game goes Into open beta/live?
  10. A friend of mine got a real useless one as well. Did anyone get a good one?
  11. +1 super annoying to pick things up when you don't want everything. Specially on Betsy as It drops everything on top of eachother and and body clipping through so you can barely see them
  12. Rather then this LEAVE SKYGUARD ALONE. DO this! Huntress Dart tower Should Have A Switch the player can Hit to Make it only Fire at only air Units. Giving the game Both AA Psyical and Magic. Uuuuhhh....what? Aren't both magical towers? That either makes no sense or I'm crazy.
  13. Awesome find. Tell us more about It, was It on endgame onslaught? which dificulty? how far did you go into the mission?
  14. Lol Is gold reward even useful? When I played I found that It was better just to get eggs and sell them lol
  15. TL;DL UBERS: Chain explosive traps, Oil flasks stays on the ground, geyser only applies drench on a bigger area. As a main Huntress builder player since DD1, I'd like to see some functionality back from DD1 and some improvements for what DD2 tried to do with her. Here are some Uber ideas. Chain Explosion trap: Make your Explosive trap deal less damage, but It chain explodes every trap nearby. This will encourage smart trap placement and setups, and would be great for clearing up hordes of enemies In exchange for damage, which you could negate with smart placement to trigger a chain that'
  16. So, when you place two things close to each other In a particular order, they shift the limit of proximity to be placed. As you can see In the examples bellow, the one on the left shows how It goes when you place a barrier then try to place a geyser trap as close as possible to It. The one on the right Is when you try to place a barrier as close as possible to the geyser trap. The difference Is pretty clear and significant.
  17. I feel like I'm getting really behind on this game. I can't even get a uber while It seems most people already have one. I think I only got around 2 dailies like, since the patch rolled. I did one as soon as the patch hit, the other on was glitched. Most people with glitched dailies could reroll theirs, I couldn't. Now you fixed it and I did finish the one daily I was stuck on, but now I don't get any more dailies. Is that a known thing? Any workarouns? Should I wait for another hotfix for that? Can I expect some kind of compensation for this? Like getting all 3 slots of dailies instead of jus
  18. Is there any way to roll a low tier pet as a mythic one? Like a Epic Purrlin? I know for sure you can't increase the rarity of a pet once It's hatched, as It's been stated on stream today. I ask this because I want a Furlin, but It states as an Epic pet. What If I wanted the Furlin to be just as good as It's epic counterpart, but keeping his model? Is there any way to do that? Or any plans on implementing such a thing?
  19. I had a 2000 tower kills daily for almost a week, then the patch hit and I completed It. Now I have 0 dailies since yesterday and It's not giving me any new quests. Huh
  20. Yeah I'd like to change mine too. I didn't have the option to set It up, It just set like my steam was at the time, which Is not optimal since there were special characters on In and the game just decided to copy the name and remove the characters.
  21. TL;DR: Make Mana Chests drop 334 Instead of 333 for each player when playing with a 3 man group. Hello Trendy and dear readers. I just want to understand why aren't the mana from chests rounded up when shared among uneven members? When you start a map with 3 people that gives you 1000 mana, the 1000 Is divided by 3. For anyone that don't want to do the math, 1000/3 = 333,3. That 1 may not sound like alot, but for the first wave that you need to setup everything, 1 mana may be the difference between having 1 more trap/tower/barrier/aura or nothing at all. Meanwhile giving 1 more mana per pl
  22. I don't think this Is going out of beta this year, so don't get your hopes up there, buddy.
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