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  1. The upside doesn't have to be from the base values though, but from other potential effects. (that along with higher DU towers often having larger range along with the higher damage anyway) They differ in many properties like Kyrn said. Thats the point of the game, kinda. There are cc traps, aoe damage, single target damage, aerial and ground focused towers, long range and short range. Many variables to take into account
  2. This is an awesome idea. If not this, make a boss that acts this way
  3. Blaze balloon is the best aoe magical damage atm. Elemental chaos sucks atm, avoid it. Dart tower is awesome if used well, awesome single target dps, but it comes with a few problems of its own for now. You really shouldn't consider using one over the other, because of Lane resistances. You'll just end up using both blaze and explosive on each lane accordingly to the resistances. Crit stats is really weird so idk about it. But you really don't need that much tower health, so might as well invest in crit.
  4. What's this "Apprentice" you speak of? Is it a new hero?
  5. Awesome job, man. I hope they read this and comment on it on stream. But yeah, having everything the same isn't fun. This needs to be unbalancedly balanced
  6. You disregarded completely the part where the mana is limited and you either have spare mana to swap out or you just upgrade what you have. And on nightmare you just don't not upgrade your defenses. And no. It's not unreasonable to that, It's actually a pretty viable strategy, but only valid when you have enough mana to actually manage that. That's just what I think though. If you can actually do normal missions on nightmare IV with that trait and those restrains, then I'm wrong and really glad for ya.
  7. I'm not having an issue with anything as I've stated. I'm talking about balance and numbers in general. Its one thing to add difficulty through a variety of mobs and strengths, but making something harder just by sheer health and time It takes to kill It is too cheap. You don't even have to play the game to know It's bull*** if you just look at: -Ogres health -Ogres regen -Towers DPS -Heroes DPS You can clearly see the disparity when comparing those. I won't be taking down the exact numbers as examples because everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about. The only thing that makes It not t
  8. >Took 5 minutes. Is that what you call fun? That's seriously disgusting from a design perspective. Just because It's doable doesn't mean It's balanced or right. I'm not saying I can't do that as well, but that's far from enjoyable. This Is not a raid boss from an MMO lol. The idea for Troll Blood Is good, as long as we have the tools to manage It at higher levels. Those monsters HP clearly weren't balanced when taking that trait in consideration. As we all know, its a fluctuating number, but as of know, even if balanced, we should have a way to mitigate It nevertheless.
  9. TL;DR - Either rework/nerf or add some sort of counterplay to Troll Blood, as It's extremely unfun to have this at any point of the game, being It's more of an annoyance than a challenge. If someone enters a mission and see this, they'll just quit and rejoin. If someone gets this passive on nightmare and Isn't over geared or with a well coordinated group, they'll just get wrecked. It just gates people from trying something a little over their level, because this makes It almost impossible to what was originally already harder. Currently there is no counter play to that. We don't have the to
  10. You should ask these kind of questions on other posts or one of your own. This Is for the big questions on stream. And yes It already happened
  11. They don't give specific values. It's a random number between a range of possible rewards that you get, thats why
  12. Maybe you should contact support. Make sure that Isn't your hardware before doing so
  13. Increased drop rate for legendaries on free play and endgame. *Also increased drop rate for the new passives for squire.
  14. Yeah...Trendy didn't think this through. At the moment it seems fine, having 3 special passives(excluding the already existing ones) per hero seems reasonable. But then you have to add that each combination needs the right stats roll as well on said gear. With only these 3 + rolling the stats for maximization It already seems hard to get what you need want. But then when you add even more passives for each different tower, and assuming they can mix it up on the same Item just seems nigh impossible to get the right passives, and super improbable to get that with the right stats as well. Damn.
  15. Yes. They've stated In some of the dev streams there are gonna be variety to the weapons, though I can't say how different or unique they are gonna be. We are all hoping for that change, but It's too early for that kind of new content since they're focusing on bugs and balance at the moment.
  16. I'll skip the reading and say: If there's no RNG, then It would be a completly different game from DD1, which Is why most of us Is here. Steady progression Is good In other action oriented games, but In a RPG game not so much. The game Is basically built all around RNG.
  17. The real problem to this is: When you find that you can do that, there Is absolutely no reason to ever ever again play your builders. Only put down towers and swap. I really hope they add more interaction with structures when using a builder Instead of a DPS character.
  18. I really enjoy Liferoot. It's 3 lanes If quab dies, and fighting 2 lanes of minions at once is awesome.
  19. Totally true. As I've stated In another post somewhere, the XP system needs a rework. Simply rebalancing It will cause players to move to the next best map and farm that one instead of another. What we really need Is something that makes playing at harder maps more rewarding, and not just by the end of each wave.
  20. Diversity Is key In this game, as It should be. Gating people off with overnerfing because something was OP Is not the way. It doesn't have to be OP, we just need the option to trade damage for CC, or maybe the CC for more focused damage. It Isn't in the worst spot, sure. It Is really strong when used It In a certain way. Problem Is that for a true CC, it needs either cooldown reduction, more CC time, or bigger area of effect. The way It works right now, you either tank everything on top of It for It to be maximized, since the trigger range Is so small if someone walks into It It'll probably
  21. FYI, geyser is very strong right now, when placed right. @Lewleit, The Kitty <3 [[64852,users]] Problem Is that you only mostly get damage out of this trap, when It's niche used to be CC with knock up and combo with LA/LSA. Now It's just a burst damage trap that you need to either place It In front of barricades or tank ogres on top of them. It would be great If we had the option, maybe through spheres or the new passive sets, to make It either better at what Is doing atm, or just be a CC tool as I'd like It to be, just as It used to.
  22. Yeah...I was expecting something with more...impact. I mean really, Geyser from 8,33s to 8s? That's barely a buff. It's still useless trash that will never again be worth the DU without proper adjustments. Didn't you guys say that the targeting system was aimed to be fixed next patch on stream? (5.13) And what about the Elemental Chaos uber? Why was It left out?
  23. -Long Question: We've been talking a lot about balance, XP, quests, pets, loot, but not enough about cosmetic. Can you give us a better insight on cosmetics? How will tower skins work for example? Will they change particles? Sounds? Is there a more fully customizable system on the works? -Long question: The mini-achievements we had during missions. I haven't heard any talk about this. They're just gone. What happened? It was so satisfying to hear that sound when having gold and XP cash In when you hit a lot of minions at once with your skills. It was rewarding fixing every single trap every
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