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  1. I've farmed gear under lv 240 so I wouldn't have to worry about the rerolls, so I can farm NM1 pretty safely. But as Is, I can only get an upgrade every once in a full moon, and thats a +10 upgrade on stats. That is no way to get into NM2, specially since they'll probably reroll again in light of recent exploits during this weekend. So I didn't completly quit, I log in to hatch eggs and daily quests, but that's about as much as I need to play, cause I don't even want to anymore at this point. The balance is a joke at best, the bugs are so abundant that I wonder why they took it out of pre alph
  2. Thanks for the heads up. That's just one more reason not to play the game, since there's probably another reroll coming. Won't even bother playing anymore but good finding and good luck!
  3. The game Is still lacking sooooo much at the moment I don't even. This is faaaaaaaaaar from ready for an "open alpha", i really doubt that, at this pacing, they'll make the game better. Everytime they release something new, 1 is useful, the rest is just broken stuff. And don't even get me started on these bugs...damn there's just too many bugs for a patch this size that should've been tested.
  4. I can solo NM1 with about 250ipwr. And that's about it. The game seems actually harder to play with groups now than before, as I found it much easier to just solo stuff. Also, how am I supposed to progress through nightmare? There isn't a linear path through the maps and loot rewards. Seriously though, look at these requirements for ipwr. Nightmare 1: 230~285 Nightmare 2: 350-415 Nightmare 3: 460-520 Nightmare 4: 800-1000 Theres a HUGE gap between each of them, how am I supposed to beat that? farming every single piece of possible best upgrade for each one of my 4 heroes so I can have a c
  5. I didn't do that now, but I've done something similar before. I really enjoy the attention to detail, the game feels very alive in a way. All the little animals and stuff, glad we have this here.
  6. YES! Where are the Dark elves of this game? that'd make the dificulty go up the roof and make you think infinite times ahead of what you're doing, what you're bringing and who. But really, if this is just the same as before but only stronger enemies it'll straight up suck. I didn't get carried, I didn't abuse anything, I just legitimately got to nm4 and geared up to 850, and it was fun. But once i got there it just sucked, as its only farming the same thing over and over and over with no variety and very little chances of getting an upgrade of any kind. I hope that gets fixed along with the
  7. I'd love a new system. I don't have any problem leveling up another hero to 50 if there's a full wipe since I'm sure they'd make It interesting in some way, since the campaign mode was just that awesome. But for now, you can just get from 0 to 50 in one sitting completely and effortlessly being afk in onslaught, so i really don't mind leveling up alts atm.
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for answering last devstream, I couldn't really watch It live because of work/college but I got it on youtube. This time i will hopefully get it live though. -Long question: The mini-achievements we had during missions are gone(don't know what to call them?). I haven't heard any talk about this. They're just gone. What happened? It was so satisfying to hear that sound when you hit a lot of minions at once with your skills and got rewarded for It. It was rewarding fixing every single trap every single wave. It was fun. Was it really removed? Is it being reworked? Thanks for the
  9. I just got this and came straight to the forums. Im like, is this seriously for real or what 
  10. I noticed i can stack traps much closer now, like I was able to do on DD1, and this change wasn't documented. Is this a bug or intended? I feel like this is too awesome to believe, damn.
  11. Bored af. I usually just afk farm onslaught for some random gold and some pet food while i do something else, and that's the extent of my last days playing.
  12. I just wanna say that, as someone who usually don't pay for games but rather play free2play games, I'd never even would come close to a game of this type if there weren't any wipes before release.
  13. Liferoot Is only easier than gates because its basically gates with more DU, only having 3 lanes with that many DU is really easy to defend. Pretty simple to balance though, hope they get that sorted out soon.
  14. Yeah... Those are some big flaws, and what made me think after watching the video. Fastest way to levelup is grinding a low level map? Really? What? You're able to hop on any missions and get carrier instantly to the highest tier of the game without breaking any sweat? How is that even fun? We're lacking variety at the moment, variety for gear drop and XP farm for example. Having all NM4 maps droping the same gear and giving the same XP would probably make us move to the fastest/easiest map, but we'd at least have options to choose from lol
  15. I think we should talk a little about our progressions system, as seen in this video: Progression system What do we expect the future of DD2 progression will be? Which direction are we going for at the moment? Which would be the best? While leveling seems pretty unrewarding past a certain point, since you can't progress the game without grinding, i think they are on the right track with the new passives. But that comes with their own problem as well, as seen in other threads with ridiculously low chances of getting a perfect item for your class etc. I've seen a lot of good ideas to go arou
  16. It doesn't entirely make it up even if it works well, because it's still a projectile tower, hence not as flexible than say auras/balloons/flamethrowers (I put flamethrower here because it's low aggro lets them be used in similar situations). Granted mines DO serve that other purpose to an extent, but that needs to be triggered. It can't have all the same pros and cons otherwise there would be no point in different towers. I do believe they need more options, but I would say it's probably lower on the priority list. Perhaps like an UBER that makes earthshatter physical (it kind of weirds m
  17. I play liferoot nm4 onslaught. I geared there from 390 to 700 and still farming for better gear there. Though I can only solo nm3 atm, I only farm nm4 with my group
  18. Have you heard of traps and auras mate? The defenses aren't exclusively behind barricades.
  19. Yeah, basically what Kyrn typed. It's not functioning at the moment; that is most likely part of information we can get from it. It also needs to be adjusted too, because once I've did multiplayer we did a map went to Tavern and right when I got in, BAMN new map...I left because I had things to do in Tavern. Also I did another multiplayer later on during that Event for the pet just to have people in, I could do it solo but the chance of getting it increases with more players, and I was having bad luck so I decided to do multiplayer. All I had to say someone wasn't the brightest and Strategy ga
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