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  1. That takes me to League of Legends. You should never balance out a game because of the "Majority". Instead, you should balance out the game based on what people find it truly useless and really powerful. Only less than 1% of all league players are pro players. Now, these pro players play championships as well as ranked games on the same balance as everyone else does. So the pro players find a way to play certain champion which is beyond powerful, but the casual player would never achieve such a level of play to use it like that. Should they just ignore them and leave them to wreak havoc with
  2. I just wanna leave a +1 here to show that I am on that same wagon.
  3. Stopped playing right after the Scavenger update. ***ty loot management and that stupid barricade aggro bug. Probably won't play again until they fix it, as the game is so focused on loot and it doesn't have a proper inventory and loot management system. How are they going open alpha with stuff like this? lol
  4. Gotta say I've been to to very endgame of DD2 every time they wiped It, except for now cause there are too many problems to handle every match to just play till NM4. But In all of those times I have never used anything but traps for physical damage. I don't think I ever even used balistas or cannons honestly outside of testing purposes.
  5. It's one thing to some people win a contest or something for a CE. Another thing is to Trendy deliberately hand out 10.000 keys with CE. I mean, I don't even think there's anywhere close to 100 people who bought CE given the number of truly active players in this community, so even of 10% of those keys got random CE that's just not unfair to the people who actually paid to support them, they're also loosing tons of money lol
  6. I'm not. Still rocking my 1,5kk gold. Follow these steps for success: 1-You should've farmed when things where worth something to sell. 2-Then should've sold them before they lost value. 3-Then cry in a corner and not play until they fix these stupid high prices and gameplay problems. You can maybe even follow them in any order you want.
  7. That I already know. The problem with it is that it shoots at an angle and it's not even where I am aiming. It just flat out shoots to the side of the cursor instead of a straight line ahead of me. Makes no sense at all lol
  8. Hi! I'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Check your PMs! Please let us know about this as well. Is this intended? What are you guys gonna do about it? I found it to be an utterly outrageous thing to do with the people who paid for the Collector's Edition exclusively for the gems and unique skins. Seriously, either deal with the people who are getting stuff for free or compensate those who paid for that.
  9. 4+3+3+5+0+0 = 15, 1+5 = 6 6/2 = 3. U're right, DD3 Eternity soon. gj. DD3 Has 3 digits and ends in 3. 3/3=1. DD1 CONFIR---wait a second
  10. I was wondering how this actually works. I mean, how It isn't supposed to work, I guess. This is just plain wrong, how is it even possible and nobody took notice of it yet? Look at this: Not the best quality, i know But really now, I am CLEARLY aiming straight at the ground to hit down there, but the shots all go straight along the pipe...what? Why...?
  11. The game is going to be free to play, most likely on the next big patch maybe couple months from now. So don't worry, you're gonna be able to keep playing the game.
  12. This is what I expect them to do on the near future. I sincerely hope that their initial idea of making awesome hair styles for the default skin isn't restricted just for that. Hell, you can match just about any type of hair of the huntress to any of her costumes and it should look decent at worst. I was deeply disappointed when I found that I couldn't mix and match accessories, much less recolor them. This is the type of thing I wanna waste all my gems on and pay actual money for it, honestly.
  13. Only certain mobs drop a significant amount of mana, the rest are negligible or non existent. So unless you get a big wave of spear throwers/drakin/orc the mana dropped won't even be worth the time to pick it up. And then there's that problem with the mana limit on the map, where sometimes you are in a duo and someone goes and open that chest just as it's available, wasting every single drop of mana, decent or not.
  14. Yeah, these two last patches are much worse. I even gave up logging in for dailies and the monthly as well for now. Before I could cope with the difficulty being stupidly high and the balance issues etc, but now I can't even have fun anymore playing the game, because every single match and at almost every single wave there are goblins leaking through defenses and I have to deal with them manually, thus making me HAVE to play a DPS hero, and not able to get itens for my builders. And since playing solo at the moment is the only way to go...
  15. I think i got 6 legendary chests in a roll last days. Not that impressed anymore lol Also, at one point I got 4 legendary drops from a single chests, now THAT was awesome. Though all of them sucked so theres that
  16. Yep. Totally agree. Game has too many issues to sort out atm, all my friends stopped playing and I was left alone in this mess. I'm trying to play again, since nightmare progression seems to be reasonable now. But there are just too many problems to address. Like you fix something and break 20 others. How fun is when a ranged goblin goes through your defenses and two shot your AAs while you're at another lane?
  17. LOL That's awesome, good old times on DD1 covering whole maps with a single aura.
  18. There is going to be a trade system, yes. Though not sure how It's gonna work yet, but probably not gonna be like straight up trading whenever/whatever you want.
  19. With gato fireworks I can actually burst a single target every 7 seconds. It does an incredible amount of damage on a decent cooldown to a single target. Now, even though the new pet has AoE and has a lot of duration time on the skill, doesn't actually help. Mobs aren't meant to be alive for 30 seconds to take full damage, so you either want to make the duration shorter with alot more damage and half the cooldown, so I can actually do a decent AoE damage, or make it last a lot longer so I can mow down enemies hp before they reach defenses. As of now It has no use in either situations, unless y
  20. I just wanna leave this here for all you people saying they are not enforcing a meta: Once they set lane resistances, they said exactly what you should and shouldn't build there.
  21. Not very efficient. After some waves, you start getting 2 ogres every 3 rounds, and you can mostly afk since its low lv and very easy to do. You can also levelup another hero or whatever and get some gold from pet eggs as well.
  22. If you've spend any gems at all, they'll give it back if they wipe. If you got any unlockable accessories like the NM ones etc, they'll give it back as well.
  23. Really, if they had only added dark elves to nightmare instead of adding ludicrous amounts of hp to mobs, it would add soooo much more difficulty without actually changing any other numbers or touching the other mobs. WIsh they took the whole week to fix this patch instead of releasing a hotfix that will probably just screw over other stuff as usual.
  24. I believe fixing every 8 defenses gave you like 100 gold. That was actually not bad, specially in this economy..
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