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  1. Well offcourse you can do 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4. 2vs2 came in mind because it will be less chaotic and balance wise would be easier to implement i guess.
  2. New Game mode: 2 vs 2 You join a game where you start with a castle (or something alike) to defend. Both teams have a castle with 2 or 3 lanes going to the other side of the map, where the castle is located from the other team. By clicking on the castle you can send mobs to the other side of the map (opposite team). From killing the mobs you get credits/mana etc. With these credits you can build towers, send more mobs or upgrade your castle to send stronger mobs. It’s not possible for hero’s to shoot or kill the opposite team hero’s because they fight in their own lanes at the otherside of the map. The map is split in half by a force field or something like that. One of the teams win by destroying the opposite castle and they will be rewarded by a loot chest. Ranking can be implemented aswell by winning / losing matches. From a tactical point of view this is very interesting. Do you build more towers, or do you send more mobs, do you upgrade your castle by sending more mobs or are you going to try to flood the opposite team with a lot of “cheap mobs”. Just some thougths Red
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