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  1. Funny question xD but I expect you're looking for a specific day that it switches? The past few monthlys have happened withing the first 3 days of the new month, so expect the monthly to change around January 2nd or so.
  2. This. Why do people use traps more than any other form of tower damage? Because a traptress can deal both physical and magic damage effectively and only takes up a single hero deck slot, which leaves room for a hero dps character in the typical build. If we remove the limitation that the hero deck places upon players, maybe we will see different and more creative builds become acceptable. Join a NM4 quickmatch now and start placing cannons and poison towers and you'll get kicked faster than you can say "new meta" So, can we just test how the playerbase reacts to the removal of the hero dec
  3. I'm very upset that the GBBLE-GBBLE-LTTLE-TRKEY in game code is not working yet isom. I expect different results come tomorrow. ;P
  4. Nope. That's just a coincidence. I've been playing ONLY squire for the past 3 weeks straight and have picked up multiple chilling touch, phoenix bows, splody harpoon swords, and at least 3 purge evils while playing only the squire class. I'm almost positive that it's an equal drop chance on all classes for these 4 items.
  5. Yup! I'm sure it's frustrating to not have different pings on ps4 yet, but they are on the PC version so don't worry, they are coming in the future!
  6. Strength-wise? No. Itsy Betsy is pretty much just as strong as most other legendary pets. It's really just a cool cosmetic, so it's up to the individual to decide if it's worth or not. Do you want to drop 180 tokens on a pet skin? For me, its worth. I think it looks awesome, and i'm a sucker for rare stuff that not many people have :P
  7. The thing is, if you know how to do all of these things and are a good player.... Why not play a different class and make yourself about 2x as effective? The squire can do all of those things but better because he doesn't die. Also the squire is not hindered as much by grounded lanes because both monk combat abilities do nothing against them.
  8. This is where repairing one lane while tanking another becomes extremely useful. It allows you to heal one lane while preventing damage to the other, making sure that neither wall can fall except in extreme circumstances. I find that the largest problems that new players to nm3-4 face is not realizing you can constantly be affecting 2 parts of the map (or more if you're not playing squire)
  9. All amazing points. I realize that DD2 is a different game, but a lot of the best parts of DD1 are being left out and forgotten. :( Why not keep the things that made DD1 so awesome and just expand upon them? I agree with every point made other than maybe #5. I like the gold/mana separation.
  10. So you can jump on top of it and get behind enemy spawns in Greystone Plaza. DUH :P
  11. Thanks for pointing out the math behind this. People seem to think that this monthly is difficult, but it's really not, and you CANT get screwed by RNG like many players are saying you can. Like you said, I have never rerolled a quest and got lower than a 3-6 token reward. That averages 4 wyvern tokens a day (assuming you NEVER get a 5-10 quest and RNG poops on your face in the worst possible scenario) it will still only take 15 days of playing. Rude, but hilariously accurate.
  12. Glad I'm not the only one worried about this. :) It's true getting nearly perfect gear is difficult Impossible right now. But If we had prefect gear, how many of us would still be interested in even playing anymore?
  13. They just got rid of all the lower tier loot beams in this patch. So that shouldn't be much of an issue anymore :)
  14. I have 485 hours in the game and I HAVE NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE PURGE EVIL YET. I'm convinced it can't possibly be working as intended and am hoping that this loot update changes things. :/
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