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  1. Think you should stop making a topic for every little thing that happens. Seriously.. you have like 7 topics on the first page. lollol
  2. Patch Patch Patch Patch Patch Everybody!!!!! Cannot Wait!
  3. What about a re-release of the game with all the content?
  4. What is this? A list of people playing Gotham City Imposters? If so I'll sign!
  5. Time for TE to release DD2: the catchup Basically the same game with all the PC content included. Price? $20, that's roughly how much PC players have had to pay for the extra stuff. Anyone with me? Awesome idea, where can I pre-order!
  6. Well THQ, EA, and Capcom are 3 big studios but should they get exceptions which push games like DD under the rug? My opinion is no but that is how Microsoft is. I cannot speak for PS3 cause not to sure how they go about things. On a simliar note, I would love to see the freaking bill Harmonix gets from MS for, what seems life, daily downloadable songs for Rock Band. Jesus every time I go to the marketplace I have to fight through the miles of Rock Band dlc.
  7. Your own assumptions. The PC crowd are the guinea pigs for patches and new things. Only recently did they actually get a beta test team of community players. Don't think for a second the PC version isn't full of problems and bugs just because it gets content you don't. The fact that it has more content is what makes it more unstable. For those saying "what ifs", I wouldn't mind if PC was the one not getting the DLC. Know why? Because I'd be playing it on console then instead. God. Heaven forbid someone will do what it takes to play the game they enjoy to the fullest ya know? So then what abo
  8. And edit @turlis, I was here but after arguing with the first one from last night for hours, I'm just tired of trying to get them to shut up. Classic cleaned the thread 3 times last night and he STILL had the nerve to continue posting about how we're all whiners, all of us, and how we say childish things like "OMG WHY WE NO GET EVERYTHING PC HAS?!?!?! RAGEQUIT" I have given up really. This was one the best communities I was apart of and even in this we have stuck together. PC players will say to the death that we are whiners and bla bla bla but again I pose the question, How would they feel
  9. Okay I think we're all misunderstanding each other now, lol. How am I supposed to know who you're talking to if you don't quote anybody? Btw I'm a girl thanks. And I wasn't mad. XD I'm just tired of reading Jay's posts about how we're all disrespecting TE when maybe one or two posts have done that in the past 5+ pages. And that was only defending facts about being misled etc. I really didn't think he would quote that fast so my bad. You should have been here about 2 hours ago when the other PC elitist was in here.
  10. So am I, was that an issue here? Nobody was talking to him or yelling at TE and yet he seems to think we always are. That's what I was saying, Jue Jue was not insulting him, he was insulting the two PC elitists that have been in here the past 2 days. Not someone from the console community. Dude, calm the hell down, I was speaking in defense of Jue Jue. I was not defending the PC guy.
  11. He is speaking as someone who has a PC that cannot run dungeon defenders.
  12. I have given up trying to talk and explain things to PC players. They believe you are nothing but whiney *****es and have no right to complain about anything. I asked that PC player that was arguing with Jue Jue and I about how he would feel if the roles were reversed and TE stopped supporting them in favor of us? Never got a response yet. @Bad Jue Jue......Remember when we were in the PVP community event? What did they one guy say to us, "Don't worry, stuff is coming, but we look at the PC as the test dummies". Good cover up.
  13. I might get shot down for this, maimed, stabbed, flamed, but here goes (actually only ignorant people would consider this a "bad" statement, because it's in all history books): Think of the Dungeon Defenders as America in the early 1900's: 1- Pc players = white 2- console players = everyone else 3- TE= the bus Let's bring that up to date. Pc players= Millionaries Console Players= Lower to what is left of the middle class Trendy= Republicans *Its only humor people, dont get your panties in a bunch if your republican.
  14. Quote Originally Posted by Pmasher "By that time, the game was a huge success on PC, and we decided to carry on giving PC players the support and features they requested beyond Holiday Events, with the anticipation of going back and trying our darnest to get anything we could to console." Features they requested? Sorry but didn't we request stuff also?
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