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  1. I am all for him having a wall, and in this case the bearicade. He should be all about hero dps and not just another standard builder class, however we must recognize that this is not DD1 and giving him a wall to hold off guys while he goes a round and does DPS would help him out a lot.
  2. Title pretty much says it all. I can't seem to find a end date which I am hoping it means they haven't posted one yet and there is still some time left. Either way any response would be appreciated.
  3. As people already know, or are going to find out shortly, passives such as tripwire or vector corrector now show across multiple items. This means that people are much more locked into finding the same passive multiple times and essentially specializing their gear towards doing just a few things. This has already happened in the past with the first few builds with such passives as 'hearty blockade' or 'frosty power'. What I am wondering is why can't all passives feel similar? If we have to set up our gear for one or two things why aren't those few things more interesting and unique to make it feel like we are working towards something. Adding +3% dmg to explosive traps or cannon ball towers is boring and doesn't add anything. If you have a large variety of options in the game, but each item can only have a few, shouldn't those options be made so it is difficult to choose from among them? If each passive was unique in its functions and had the potential to be viewed as "OP" when you got a full set of the passive it would help diversity, and it would it would give a sense of accomplishment when a set was finished. Obviously there will always be a strong meta that many people will flock too and mimic, but at the least people that worked for certain passive combinations could still feel special and try out things that others flat out couldn't try without the gear. A very simple idea purely as an example would be to add a passive that allowed Skyguard towers shot to bounce to 1 extra target and do 15-20% of the damage of the first hit. You collect 5 pieces and you can make the second shot do 75-100% of the damage of the first shot. It may be good or bad due to things such as grounded etc, but it might promote people to try adding a bit of knock up into their builds and at the very least it would make it so if someone collected this special they could bring an AA tower into a public game and possibly help.
  4. I wouldn't count on it. During one of the two most recent dev. streams they pointed out that app wall and the dummy wouldn't have as much health as a properly geared hearty blockade, but they hope that with the added dps/teleport or dps/meteor rain that they could compete.
  5. Any general IDea on realease? or possible release The Harbinger is set to release on the 15th, so I would say it is a safe bet that the release will be part of the milestone patch, so Dec. 15th.
  6. Lightning: Could environmental traps damage and effects further scale off of tower stats of the person that activated it to make non DPS characters more effective during rounds and to encourage more strategic tower placements?
  7. Compared to what monthly missions started out as, this is not a bad one at all. The first two parts are easy, despite the second being RNG as well. That is why no one is complaining. The third part though still can be very easy. Keep in mind you Don't get a daily reroll option every day, you get one every time you receive a new daily. With that in mind if you plan on only playing every couple of days log in each day to at least see if you need to change any quests. Also the rerolls will not stack, so if you need to reroll two things you must wait on one of the two. Finally keep in mind if a daily is bad and even with the reroll it doesn't reward any tokens, wait until the next day. Sure you can be unlucky and your next daily will also have no tokens, but just change one and hold onto the other one. I have had to hold a daily for two days this month, but despite this minor annoyance I am at 39 tokens. It is very doable just be patient. Also keep in mind we will have 27 days to get 50 tokens. That is just barely barely under 2 tokens a day. if you only do 1-3 quests each time that averages out to 2 tokens. So you could complete the monthly on time. Assuming you got a single 5-10 quest over the month and if gave you 5, that is still equivalent to 2 1/2 days of tokens on a 1-3 daily. and a 3-6 token quest giving 3 is 1 1/2 days. So it is not hard to get the tokens required, just keep playing.
  8. So I like the basic ideas behind the HD, but with the game as it is I tend to final it annoying. i don't think that the game has issues that make the HD's bad side shine. For example they seem to have balanced the game after they introduced hearty blockade, so you need a dedicated waller to do end content, which in turn makes the HD have only three slots left. Another issue is that they have quite a lot of units that are exclusively anti tower which require DPS, which adds another requirement for HD. The next issue is resistances, there are two, so Your last two slots in HD are for dealing with those two lanes. The problem is they tried to make all the game "balanced" and make it so a single class can't beat the whole game, but by doing so they set to many requirements to follow that along with the HD offer no wiggle room. My reason for liking the hero deck is because I am one of those people that loves to make a ton of builds and characters of every variety, and i like the idea of it forcing me to pick who I believe would be the best for a map, or for some interesting new strategy and in turn would keep the game fresh for me. However, with all that I have said I can't do any real variations, with mild exceptions due to the HD. My solution is not the removal of the HD, but reshape the game so each stage is different, so a player must figure out what 4 characters to bring along, not always waller, DPS, magic lane, and physical lane.
  9. The event is almost over and I can't beat the stage on Etherian chainsaw massacre. I would appreciate help beating it, or at the very least for some solid towers for help. I beat the Dead Road and I just can't seem to do the final push no matter how much I try. Thank you in advance ;)
  10. This is so very true and a good way to illustrate why I think a lot of people are having such issues with this monthly in particular. I have been doing this mission since Oct 1 and I have been doing 5-6 maps a day and at least 1 incursion a day and I have 25 skeletons. Thanks to RNG I am averaging 1 skeleton every 3 maps. Yes i know that 13 days is basically 1/3 of the month and 25 is 1/3 of the month, but even so it is a huge time sink and I can't be the only person with this luck. I can/will continue on, and if time grows short I will resort to tedious grinds to try and increase my skeleton count, however I can guarantee that a large amount of the eventual player-base will not show the the stupidity that I do for continuing simply because I decided to go all in. This will most likely alienate many players and result in many people quitting or at the very least not bothering to come back until an undetermined amount of time to see if the game is better for them.
  11. To a degree I have to say that monthly missions, this one in particular, are hurting the game. I am enjoying the game and hop on to do my dailies and loot find every day or two. However I have been discouraged by the last monthly some and this one even more. There is no challenge to them they are just a grind, which has gotten worse each month. I don't feel like they are necessarily for hardcore players in the sense that it is for those that can do difficult or interesting things, just those that are willing to sink a lot of time into the game or do repetitive grind to finish fast. I have been doing the monthly and I have a schedule set so that I know I will succeed as long as my daily playing keeps up with the schedule. Why I agree though that the monthly is bad is based off my friends list. Last month some friends started to lose interest because of an tedious monthly and this month even more people have left because of two objectives being purely RNG and the incursions making it so you cant find skeleton specials. I always hear the argument that the monthly is just for the "hardcore" however how it stands it seems to be increasingly discouraging to many players, and these are the players that were willing to pay for the game to play early even though they knew it would become F2P. Another thing is if it is just for a small portion of the people playing, why does your progress or lack of progress pop up constantly for everyone. It just seems like that could make people continually frustrated.
  12. I have to say that I enjoy the bigger towers. They are giving way to some new strategies and placements in regards to both height and their footprints. I do have to say though that the one issue I have so far is about loot. I am interested in the new huntress build, but it is even more evident how hard it is going to be finding items, because with each new build the amount of possible item combos keeps getting larger. Obviously not a major focus in this patch and all that it is doing, but I still feel I should express my thoughts since it is still part of it.
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