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  1. sorry for necro but the topic seems relevant to this thread and I didn't feel like retyping the above information others have given as I don't believe any of it is out dated yet. The new consumable salves in the game have a hero crit chance and defense crit chance salve and they are both bugged and instead of increasing crit chance by .1, they increase crit chance by 10.0 which has made heros have 100% hero crit chance. The issue I'm bringing up is my towers only have 30% crit chance. Now the people above pointed out that its just a UI bug showing my defense crit chance at 30% once I go past
  2. In everything you listed the fun part is PROGRESSING while killing stuff. A hack n slash/ARPG like Path of exile or D3, your are progressing your character while killing stuff and thats fun. In borderlands your are progressing by gearing/leveling and experiencing the story while killing stuff. Progression is the key part that makes killing things fun in games. Generally the only way you can take game mechanic progression out of a game and it still be fun is if its a player vs player game, because the progression comes from playing better and better players as you get better at the game. But e
  3. are you sure thats the problem, or would the problem be people are using frosty power + traps and frost towers are bugged right now so when they try to play they fail and say the game is to hard?
  4. I thought the point of this game WAS grinding gear. If your gear is perfect already or you can already clear the hardest content isnt there no point in playing the game anymore? I mean their would be nothing left to do after that. The fun part of this game is meant to be the gearing process so if you dont find that fun then you dont actually find this game fun so you should probably stop forcing yourself to play for whatever reason... If they nurf the strongest build, you should change builds. If they reroll your gear then you just re gear again. If you get bored of playing you stop playing. N
  5. Bump Thread title is a little misleading btw. The frost towers still apply frosty power when the frost towers actually shoot. The bug is frost towers not actually shooting 80% of the time and also when they do shoot they wont freeze enemies if you have the sphere on.
  6. I dont really have much to day on the drop rates on this patch because its still a bit to early to say if its better or worse, but I was really confused as to why they wouldnt increase the amount of xp you get from insane and nightmare. The entire problem with leveling past 40 is hard mode freeplay gives the most xp and that is still the problem....
  7. Take a look at this too =( I felt cheated when i saw that. It should have AP, or the builder passiv =/. Yep somehow that's what i got out too. Items still rolling wonky and wrongly together meh =/. The "meh" is big on the few legends i found so far. They never said that items WONT roll bad stat combinations like hero crit with defense power. The patch notes said it should happen less often now that means it could only be a little bit less often. I think people have a misconceptions to what the patch notes said.
  8. just farm NM3 graystone until you can do NM4 liferoot. no real trick besides build the map right and get good gear. It might take a few days of gearing in NM3 before you're strong enough for NM4 though.
  9. you miss understand what no hero deck means. No hero deck means you can use ALL your heros in a game.
  10. This is just plain wrong. Soloing is only easier if the players you're playing with are not pulling their weight. For every person you add, it just adds 1 more hard lane to the map meaning every player adds the same amount of difficulty. The reason more people is easier is because everyone can focus on a part of the map by themselves and not have to worry about the rest, and if someone starts to get over ran then you can double/triple/quadruple repair the wall and it wont ever fall as long as you repair it. Solo has to worry about the whole map. Then you add on stuff about hero deck only maki
  11. You can swap gear between rounds because you have access to your inventory during each build phase. Ive picked up items in a round before that i meant to auto equip and during the build phase i was able to put it on. @OP like he said the guy probably switches to different squires, one builds for walls and then one built for DP. Because changing gear instantly changes the stats on towers if you're switching gear between DH and DP on a single hero. When I said you cant gear swap I meant you cant swap gear and keep your old stats from towers you already place because that was how I interpreted w
  12. I think the most obvious answer is you probably miss understood when he said he swapped gear, and he just swapped from one squire geared for walls to a different squire geared for defense power. Currently their isn't a way to gear swap unless their is an exploit I haven't seen and hasn't been posted on forums.
  13. from my experience you get the reward around the waves 15/25/35/45 etc... Sometimes I got the reward before or after one of these waves, but thats it.
  14. I read like the first third of this wall of text and wanted to point out that the stats from spheres still dont show up on the stats when you inspect someone elses towers. So keep in mind when you inspect other peoples traps it will show a lower dps then what it really is because of this.
  15. Pre-rotted eggs are ok, but it will just add to the inventory clutter issue we are having right now. What if you just make eggs more rare overall, and instead of rotting the egg you can just open it like other pet materials and its almost like your cracking the egg open to use its shell. Right now eggs are really common and this would help with the inventory clutter we are getting right now. It would also increase the rarity of the legendary pets and make them more fun to try and get with pet eggs being more rare overall.
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