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  1. Heya defenders. So I was just wondering, where is the best place to farm EXP? Is it still Harb?
  2. Doesn't enemies sometimes drop green souls as well which heals the Mystic? Or did they remove that feature?
  3. Quite a lot of changes, this is going to be great to test out.
  4. Ah yeah... I've gotten this bug at times while playing DD2...
  5. How long did it take for you guys until you got the Terraria weapons with the perfect passives? It literally feels like it rolls anything else than what I want to get. On a side note if this really is intended then why not at least let us choose our passives instead? It's so stupid that you have to waste so much time on just rejoining the town.
  6. I still don't understand why masks/fireworks/boosters had to be seperated from Souls of Night tho but oh well, FREE ITEMS!!!!
  7. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me about the highest DPS for both Flameburst and Flamethrower which people have reached. I'm just curious about how good/bad they really are, since i've never bothered to make one since 2014. Thanks in advance
  8. I understand what you guys at Trendy were trying to do, but...  This is just ridiculous...
  9. I "think" that you're talking about the Betsy Polearm, which allows the monk's projectiles to create an electric small ball on contact with the surface or an enemy. It's a random drop from defeating Betsy in Wyvern Den. (1 out of 4)
  10. The Health one with the swing is life leech. The one on 100 appeasement is speed, the one on 0 appeasement is damage for you because the snake god hates you. The Sandglass one i don't know yet for sure, but i guess faster respawn if you should die. Need to test it out. Well she is mysterious :D this little mystic woman. It's fine for a few sssssecrets of the ssssnake god. Maybe the sandglass means that you're loosing appeasement over time? "I'LL GIVE YOU 10 MINUTES TO GIVE ME SOULS OR I WILL TAKE YOURS INSTEAD"
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