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  1. Yeah I jump from game to game so I don't really check the forums much unless there's something people can't help with in-game, But thanks for the reply ;)
  2. I've noticed a few players having insane amounts of dmg on towers and aura's and it was funny to watch Betsy die almost instantly, I wanted to know if they're going to have the ranked/unranked mode like the first or just not allow modded items,
  3. Thanks and yeah I really do mean that long xD but yup that's how I've been playing but seems I need to get with the new system, I noticed one guy put down at least 10 towers side by side just for one lane and I thought it was going to waste at first.
  4. So I played this a few time around 5-6 months ago and just got back and pretty much forgot everything and with all the new stuff going on too. So i wanted to know if there was a post or guide that show's best places to build towers for most of the maps, I tried asking people in tavern and in a match but got nothing but toxic chat no matter what I did xD so I hope you guys can help me out in anyway
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