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  1. It was a dark and stormy night when unexpectedly nobody appeared to notice Kentucky McObvious the Chicken riding Wendigo demon cars from Rorikstead saw a tree hanging down from otterdarkness, so he decided to dance on the edge of love so in his underpants he noticed a surprisingly and took a dump, big enough to shake the elephant while his companion was
  2. Banned for not mentionning the mesuring unit, the selfie per hour ak s/h.
  3. max is 60. I played 1 month my squire builder in nm4 inc, and he just reached level 60 yesterday. ok it takes too much time to get to 60, but once ur pet is 60 he will no longer evolve. so, if u have a perfect pet with perfect stats, why should it be fast to level it.
  4. Playing on a laptop, but a $3k laptop. I can play most games on high/ultra, but have so bad dps here that i have to play in windowed mode and low quality; what else.
  5. got bored of nm4 inc gates frost/traps build; tried sploody harpoon build, so lanes left and mid were mag res, righ phy res. right 3 frost + traps, left and mid just harpoons. worked not well at all, required alot of repair and dps, but we were able to win wave 4. then lane changed, and for the experiments and the science, we didn't rebuilt it. ofc we failed, but that was fun.
  6. imo if u pay u should chose what u want. or get random reroll with tons of gold, but not gems. u pay, u want a legendary looking cool, thats all.
  7. Maybe not that way, because it's easy to lock mobs in spawn by just setting barricades in front of em or shield with squire just in front of. But whatever the path algorithm they use, they can detect a failure from current pos to objective, so 2 possibilities, or they don't know how to do that and they shall talk about or just ask how, or they still didn't fix it.
  8. i chose the second, saw we were only 4, go vote guys! [[5873,hashtags]]
  9. already reported that problem, took 10min to write a msg, posted, saw i was disconnected, lost my answer. we should not be able to see the box reply while we're not connected; that's not so hard to do, a tip : if(connected) displayreplybox(); hell ye.
  10. Hu; that was so long i had to eat that post made me hungry. so, am playing only nm4 / nm4 inc, have 9 chars, i know u don't care, but it has to mentionned, dps + builder for each one. first fact, the gold u win by selling items for a nm4 run is like 15k. for an insane run it's half money. so, more difficult, more cash; ez. Then, u have secondary stats on items, for example for canons squire, u have stat like 20% to make em drop more gold. u have stats augmenting gold dropped while defeating by towers. not really usefull, imo. i don't notice a huge difference with or wihtout, and better to have
  11. imo display range is buggy when u press shift, with or without secondary stats on items i have the same range. spheres are just another bug.
  12. Agree with bots / paypal shops pb, that was a pb in dd1. But, in dd1, there was cheat of duplicating event items, here it's server sided. So, why players would care about that, if someone wants to make money by selling what he dropped, and if there are ppl to buy it, why should u care about that. if u disagree with that, then disagree about the society and the fact that rich ppl can buy and have the same things that geniuses can make. i play with friends, i don't care to have a super waller dude 2stronk and i want to trade my super awesome items to them. They don't care to build traps, i want
  13. Agree with what have been said and the unability to kick player during wave. Few days ago, played nm3 unslaught liferoot for weapon, started alone, took few hours to go to round 15. got kicked by 3 russians round 15 wave 2/3 who joined on round 13. what else.
  14. it's a screenshot of like 1 year old x) but i mean, it's not our problem if they dont make money, so who cares.
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