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  1. I like the fact you are using surveys for feedback. I have found the posts in this forum tend to be more caustic than informative.
  2. We're looking into it thanks OP's insistence. Thanks! Classy replay. Better than what I would have said.
  3. I am not saying one is overtly superior to the other; however, for my builds-emphasis on the possessive pronoun my- I find Viper's fang is the best. I usually have a flame aura, then a Viper's fang, and then a PDT. The only enemies that will reach the Viper's fang are the lady orcs (and bosses). The bubble will suspend them in the air while the flame aura and PDT works them over and they die without doing any damage to the walls. I really like the fact the walls are rarely, if ever, touched. Again, this is my preference and what I have found works best for my build. When I used the Squire
  4. Thanks for the reply, that goes a long way. Sometimes a simple, we are aware, we are working on it, and we are sorry for the inconvenience means so much to people. I genuinely appreciate it and I am sure Trendy will be able to fix it.
  5. That would definitely solve the problem; however, I felt like playing with other people. In the grand scheme of things it isn't that big of a deal, but it seems like it wouldn't be too hard to fix.
  6. be able to keep the game you created? I'll create a C7 lobby and when the game ends I am sent off to someone else's game. I have even had all four us get split up. Not sure why this is the case? Perhaps it is related to the whole server issue? Looking forward to the day this issue is resolved. This issue pretty much negates ascension level restrictions, since anyone can be sent into your game or vice versa.
  7. What would be a good ascension level to set for c7 map in order to keep all of these lechers out? I don't mind helping people, but so many pop in and have 20 or less ascension levels.
  8. I was afraid someone would ask that. I wasn't paying attention, but I think it was c7. I won't swear by it, but I now have two of them and have only been playing c7, I highly doubt I would get the same shard from a random lower shard. Sure some will verify shortly.
  9. ...and what Random Asian said. On my second run I did move my walls further up the stairs and closer to the spawn.
  10. I had the same issue. I put up a blockade coming across the bridge and another PDT for flyers coming in by the bridge. I thought the kobalds were crashing into it. Again, this was a guess, but it worked for me. I am sure someone in the community has a more accurate response, but that worked for me.
  11. Just got Chi Supercharge: "Increases Talisman of Enpowerment's Defense Power boost by 2% 0/12." (12/12 20%) The icon shows it is only for the Initiate.
  12. Just played my first map and I really like what I see so far. I am sure there will be plenty of other threads where people will criticize the game; however, I want to take a different spin and offer some positive feedback. Trendy, you guys did a great job. I realize it isn't finished and I am looking forward to future improvements. You guys must have really been working hard. 1. Love the new graphics and information layout.2. Health meter on objectives and sub objectives.3. I enjoy the graphics. 4. So happy that when you change the ascension points, the towers which were previously built
  13. According to DD2 tools it is no longer dropping. I have been farming C4 in an effort to get more, but haven't had any luck getting one. Is this why or do I need to keep farming? Thanks in advance.
  14. Yeah, it's true. I did post that on 4/25. And I did uninstall the game on 4/25. And I haven't played it since. Haven't even reinstalled it. But it is conceivable that Trendy could Make Dungeon Defenders Great Again, so I check back periodically to see if any of the issues have been fixed. What's wrong with that? So far the only thing that has happened was a questionable loot update. Not nearly enough to get me back in the game. And if I was someone who knew nothing about Dungeon Defenders and just stumbled across it on Steam after its official launch, I would be gone forever and never look
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