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  1. And then what? Set the game on a shelf and forget about it until another content update? Rinse and repeat? That's not a healthy system for a game intending some level of replayability. For one, what this game is missing is the variety of things to do that DD1 had after the main quests. Sure, DD1 can get stale after a while, as there wasn't that much difference, it still tried more. But if the pursuit of grind is the best you can come up with, then there is a high likelyhood this game will die. People will get burnt out on the grinding, new updates will mean nothing because all that comes with it is grind, and the only ones left playing are the ones that think "it's the only endgame acceptable." You can't keep this game afloat by yourself, so to that end, the only healthy end-game acceptable, is one with a broader variety of content to explore and play that doesn't rely on mindless grind and RNGesus.
  2. Just in case you weren't aware, the Jester was a DLC character for DD1. In fact, she was the last character introduced before DD1 started winding down.
  3. Yes, that is very true. However, DD1 launched in late 2010. You guys should have learned a GREAT deal of what people liked playing and what made them keep coming back. DD2 has absolutely zero resemblance of any long term end-game content or exciting rare loot. People keep talking about end-game content, and I keep seeing that in quite a few games I play. I don't think people realize that there is no real "end-game content" for games like this, because ideally the game should see continuous content updates as long as the game is alive and healthy. "End-game content" is a phrase that just means, "Stuff to do when I've burned through the other content," and grinding isn't what I'd call end-game. I'd like to see DD2 reach a point where it's comfortable enough with itself to offer up an open world exploration. Even if it's just a side thing that you download separate and you play with a group of friends. I like to explore, and the Dungeon Defenders lore has teased us with a lot of places that never get fully realized. Is it ever likely to happen? No, I don't think so. Might work as a spin-off game where it's less tower defense and focuses on the heroes and the world, but you never know. I know, that's not end game either, but if I had the choice between grinding for better gear or pets, and exploring a lore-rich world... I'm gonna take exploration. Because reading the lore is one thing, getting a chance to experience it is quite another.
  4. I guess the lack of comments just goes to show this topic hasn't been brought up... because nobody cares.
  5. The slime pit needs a small chance to spawn a pink slime. A small slime that'll wreck any monsters' day.
  6. So I haven't seen anyone suggesting this, and probably given the fact that this Terraria crossover was just a one-off thing, but why not add Crimson and Hallowed maps? The Dryad could also have Crimson and Hallowed costumes to go with them. Each map would offer some unique enemies to add into the hordes, and the Crimson would offer the Brain of Cthulhu as a boss. Edit: Corruption could also make and interesting map with the Eater of Worlds being an Incursions boss.
  7. Probably because hero medals are capped at 12k. Or was it 15k?
  8. Okay, so does anyone else remember the fact that Nightmare in DD1 was so insane because items were released into the loot pools by accident? Difficulty had to be scaled to compensate. On that note, DD2 doesn't have any enemies that made higher difficulties in DD1 so scary. Spiders, Djinn, Sharken, and the Airlifted Ogres. Now, I will say that while I don't think DD2 should hit the tiers DD1 did, I do agree that Nightmare needs to deserve it's namesake. And one way to do that is to reintroduce some of those enemies. Heck, make them Nightmare exclusive and add one enemy type per difficulty level.
  9. As a controller user, I'd put my vote in for 8 deck slots. Easy to code for keyboard, but on a controller you could assign two heroes to each dpad direction. L1+Left changes to character 1. If you're on that character already, hitting it again changes to character 2. It's not much of an issue now, but down the road when we have more and more heroes, I hope they consider it. Edit: Also, I blame TE for the nightmare I experienced trying to look up official artwork of Dryad from Terraria side. I wanted to see how closely DD model fit her real art, but what I found was a hurricane of fanfic. Not surprising when you consider the Dryad character is 8-bit in design. As an addendum, I do hope they intend to add other Terrarua NPC's as playable. The Mechanic for instance could be interesting. The Nurse would no doubt be great as a support character. I also would not be against seeing the Party Girl and Witch Doctor. Fun could be had with those two!
  10. Oh, that Dryad looks tasty... can't wait to add her to my party! By the way, and chance on a fifth deck slot?
  11. I'm gonna go go out on a limb and say... Jester! It's the Jester! 
  12. As I said, I'd rather they didn't make her a fencer. It's a scale down from what she was in DD1. I'd like to see her as a heavy lancer; using a lance for sweeping strikes, or plowing through enemies with her joust. They could use their original concept for the MOBA Countess for a different character, so they can still use the assets they have, but the Countess is NOT a fencer.
  13. I'd settle for superior Squire. I'm not keen on the idea of Trendy dialing her back to a fencer. They could make her a heavy lancer with that joust ability of hers and make her a melee monster.
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