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  1. #1 - The current influence vote is actually to increase the campaign difficulty. Having just recently completed that, I agree that it does need to be done. We only got a decent challenge in four-player on it but still weren't threatened with a loss with level 22-30 heroes. Almost no challenge with 2-player. I do agree that more bosses along the way would have been nice, not just giant tutorial-sized versions of normal enemies. #2 is already a thing. Start the game > Play Private in the lower right, invite your friend, and when you're on the War Table screen, set it to Private, not Public Matchmaking. IIRC it's the very first option. #3 - It seems kind of slow as it is, the Squire in my group rarely uses it (for now, but that may change as he gets higher level). #4 - While I've never ever played a public game in DunDef 1 or 2 (except once in #2 - never again), I saw it suggested in another thread to bring the server list from the first game back, which is useful for those that do. #5 - I'm guessing you're probably not to end-game yet. I'm not either, but just from reading the threads and such in these forums, it's looking like different hero builds will come into play later on and you will need builder heroes to do the building and such, similar to the first one.
  2. Dungeon Defenders 1 had this. I don't see why it isn't already a thing in #2.
  3. The Callout flags are not nearly visible enough in the actual world. Sure they show up on the minimap, but they're not visible from across the map like they were in the first game. They need an icon, a nice, shiny, visible icon like the first game had that shows up even at the edges of the screen if the player isn't in front of you. I would probably actually turn the minimap off if it weren't for needing it to see where my friends are using those flags.
  4. Brilliant! I love the idea, and for the people who use multiple heroes, it will save them time. Definitely wouldn't hurt anything to add it.
  5. It actually didn't "start" on the 360, it started on iOS, then Android a few days later. It hit the PC and XBLA at the same time. That aside, it wouldn't be a bad thing to see it released on the Xbox One, but an older (from Feb.) article I saw said it's going to be PC/PS4 only. Not that they can't change their minds, and hopefully they'll implement cross-platform play to the consoles.
  6.  Because the auto popup on level up is annoying, I generally only mess with that stuff between maps along with inventory.
  7. Yes, I get that he's there for the story, but he also prevents the Quest Log from being opened during the campaign while he's talking about your current quest, which he does every time you log in as long as you're still doing the campaign. Not sure if he has any words of wisdom after this yet, will probably see in a day or two once my crew finishes the campaign, but the option to shut him up needs to be present.
  8. A thousand times this. I wish we also had an option to merge the bags into what appears to be just one big bag, and have the option to merge some or all of the bags into one. It would also be nice to have the option to say "Bag 1 only collect Weapons, Bag 2 collect Helms, etc".
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