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  1. Hey, I'm having a problem with my damage flashing and it's extremely irksome. My screen used to flash whenever I took damage, like it's supposed to. But suddenly it stopped working. I checked the options screen, and the damage flash is selected. I tried with it deselected as well, but it's still not working. I reboot the game and try, and it stays the same. It's been like this for a while, and it's incredibly annoying because whenever I get close to dying now, it won't flash dangerously red to warn me. I end up dying more frequently now because the screen won't flash. Please help?
  2. there should definitely be more ways to get familiars for mobile. i get to wave 15 of survival or pure strategy and i don't get any pet. that's unfair after using up an hour for the pet and no reward. the only rewards i get are half decent drops, but i want to be able to get my pets too from beating challenges and stuff
  3. alright so this is dumb. i've checked the wikia for how to get pets/familiars... gotta get to level 15 on survival in any level to get some pet. well i've gotten to level 15 (beat 14 all the way up to 16 before i got bored) and i haven't gotten a single pet. i've done it on multiple different levels. like cmon this is infuriating. it takes like an hour to get to lvl 15 and it's all getting wasted because i'm not getting any pet! help please??
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