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  1. [[59804,users]] I have some questions then since you are a calculator. What is the the chance for you to crit and is it viable for killing off trash mobs at a fast pace. I know you have to aim for the head but ive just been testing out my damage on the dummies in the tavern and it doesnt show head shot criticals apparently. And so I take it i should be aiming for very high crit % on all my gear along side hero dmg? [[52650,users]] Nice reference too French history, Im not sure many will pick up on it haha. I still think that huntress is (when you average things out) a worse dps character than the squire.
  2. When I first played after release, I maxed out a huntress and got her her class specific legendary and almost all other slots were legendaries (all focused on hero dps and ability power). I realised at one point that my brothers Tower Squire was actually doing as much dps as me and was much more effective at taking on a full lane of enemies. So I started to level my own, by the time that I was level 20 on my squire i was much more effective myself at killing than on my huntress. I've started playing again and my squire is now lvl24 (based in dps). Heres some stats at current, Huntress lvl25 Hero Dmg 1,943.6 Ability Power 482 Squire lvl24 Hero Dmg 790.6 ability power 420. I would also state that i dont even have spheres on my huntress at the moment but i do on my squire (just the small ones for dps and power). So my question is, what on earth makes the huntress worth playing as a dps character. Please dont give me this stack geysers and shoot wet creatures crap but, i dont have to do anything like that on my squire, im talking about raw hero dps here. She is a single target with weak dps. Squire is multiple target with amazing dps. Or am i just missing something? Thanks.
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