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  1. I was suggesting that they would still get the upgraded stats and abilities, just that they wouldn't have new evolved forms. Only the premium pets would have new evolved forms when they upgrade. Same stats, just one looks fancier as it levels. It's not giving any advantage over other players, it just looks nice for the people who pay for it. The players won't be losing out on any stats. The bonuses from pets isn't going to be any different from the premium pets because they'll still get abilities and upgrades, just no evolutions if that makes sense. I'm just simply exploring the idea that only premium pets will get fancy new looks like the hero costumes do, abilities and stats are still normal.
  2. @Glazy quote:Based on the comments made during the dev stream last night they mentioned that having visual pet evolutions for all pets would take too long and take up too much man power. They went on to mention they're thinking of only giving some pets an evolution visual and others won't They're trying but it's obviously a hassle. And the players can't miss what they don't have. It's better to say they're interested in making the evolutions but obviously it's hard on them. For each evolution they have to sculpt another object and code it. That takes hours for their sculpters and coders to do. It's not easy and I can assure you it's not 'a large portion' of their team, but having a small group of people doing all that work is rough. People enjoy the pets, evolved or not. The people who enjoy them more than others can pay for the pretty and cool ones. That way their effort to make these pets isn't wasted on the people who only care about its stats. Like I said, if all you want from pets is the stats, they still level up and get abilities, just now they won't be as sparkly or pretty as the premium pets. That's just how things work in games. If you had your way, there wouldn't be premium pets and the people who worked hard on putting these cool elements into the game wouldn't be getting paid as much as they probably should be. I like supporting the people who used their time, effort, and creative power to entertain me. I also like shiny pets. So I'm willing to pay a couple of bucks to the people who spent time on it and give them job security.
  3. I don't know about you, but the pets I get only give about 20 points in whatever bonuses they have. It's really not that much. When you're low level it makes a big difference but when you're capped out you honestly only have the pet for looks. The normal first stage pets will still have abilities and boosts same as always. The premium pets will just evolve like the clothes do with exp and money.
  4. As it is the pets don't add that big of a difference so I don't believe it would be "pay-to-win" even with some evolved pets. The stats are really low after all. I'm sure they're working on that as a test run it would be easier since they already have the first model and animation done for the pets we already have.
  5. They're probably thinking that only Premium pets will evolve, and the normal ones you pick up from dungeons will only have one form. The more expensive the pet, the better the evolutions I'm guessing considering the more work that goes into it. As a free game they need to make money and because they will make most of their money off of cosmetic features like pets and costumes, that's how it's going to play out most likely. People who want cool and evolved pets will have to pay up. Not that I mind. As for the multiple pet incubation slots, I'm sure that to get more you'll have to either use wyvern tokens or purchase currency gems to buy them. The hard workers will grind and wait for enough to get a slot, and the people who have better things to use wyvern tokens for or the lazy and instant gratification people will buy the slots.
  6. Yeah, people have lots of difficulty beating her if no one has the gear to build, but it's not impossible. It just takes a long time. Those people just need to farm Liferoot or Crossroads to get better gear though. They really shouldn't nerf her just because people haven't gotten proper gear. She's a boss after all and it even gives a Item Power suggestion to play against her. I think it's a great idea to give wyvern tokens for beating her though. The only people playing her dungeon are the higher level players anyways, and need some better incentive to play even after getting all our gear. If not we only want to play for the one game to get our tokens, incubate eggs and be over with it and with less people playing per day the lower level people who struggle with Betsy can't get their tokens or gear to get up to par with Betsy.
  7. THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. Great idea. Maybe I'll try drawing some if I have time.
  8. That's awesome! I'd love a ramster it sounds so cute!!!
  9. That's actually super awesome!!! Or I guess if they really wanted to make money off of it they could make a turret skin for it to make it look like the cat. LOL
  10. A very creative idea, Kero. It can make clucking noises for a while and every time it uses its special attack it'll meow LOL Giving away its secret.
  11. Thank you so much!! Yeah, there's already pets that have elemental damage so anything like that would be possible. I like the idea of the aoe fire damage that's what I was thinking of with the exploding eggs. Like a tiny exploding blaze balloon.
  12. Heck yeah, I mean, what could go wrong. ;3
  13. Thank you so much! I just really wanted a cat in a chicken suit LOL Can you also draw Urf the Purratee ? LOOOOL I don't like Riot would like that very much. It'd be funny though- Probably more suitable to draw Gnar in one.
  14. Thank you so much! I just really wanted a cat in a chicken suit LOL
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