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  1. I'm not sure what's going on exactly, but I've been failing at connecting to Trendy lately, as well as being dropped out of games because the connection just drops. There's no lulls in my internet, nor is it slow. I've tried restarting Steam and DD but that doesn't always fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions as what to do to help remedy this, and does anyone have any word if they are working on their servers so this happens less? It is very frustrating, especially when you are on wave 13 of Jungle insane and everyone drops because Trendy hiccups.
  2. Thank you guys very much. It's actually pretty interesting how they set that up.
  3. Which is the governing stat for the Series EV's buff beam? They don't seem to give a straight-forward 'yes it is definitely this stat' anywhere.
  4. It would be great if we could fly around when we're dead. Makes things easier to tell your team, makes being dead for the rest of a hardcore round not as boring, and the current camera system is lacking with its tether restriction.
  5. My friends barely play this game, which is depressing as of late due to my sudden re-burst of interest in it. I wasn't asking necessarily how to get better gear, but rather more about if I should invest in it. Thank you though, the advice will help. I don't see the impact of having multiple different kinds of defenses up. Again, bad at analyzing, but my (in this case) Apprentice's towers take care of everything themselves. I can get to wave 10 in Deeper Well Insane Survival which doesn't seem like much honestly (the record is wave 30 with a lvl 48, wut?). The only thing that I could see helping is maybe an Ensnare for the Warriors, or EV's buff beam (which I find very nice).
  6. I've been playing Dungeon Defenders since it came out, off an on. I've rarely bothered to look too much into how to get epic gear or anything like that because it was easy enough to figure out for the early stuff. Though, recently I've been seeing consistent bank accounts with 1 billion+ mana in them, and gear that is way way better than anything I've ever seen (highest level toon currently is 65). From the mild amount of looking into things I have done, I haven't learned how people get this gear. I naturally assumed that they just found it, and played a TON to get that 1 billion+ bank. So, a few questions as to how to go about getting up in the God-tiers. 1) Do you actually invest in gear? I didn't think it was too big of a deal to add one point of something to gear for so much mana, but then again I'm bad at analyzing what is good and bad in a game. I have rarely ever invested in gear (maybe a few points to round numbers), and always thought people somehow found or earned the stuff that gives them +100 in every stat. 2) Are there any better ways of getting to the higher levels quickly other than Deeper Well on Insane Survival repeatedly? It seems to work, but I die at wave 10 (tower build Apprentice, 65) unless that's normal. 3) I've been trying to get some challenges done recently to get better gear to help with the tougher challenges, but the lower ones still seem to wreck me. I don't believe in the 'recommended level' as that is WAY out of proportion in my opinion, so is there a better baseline as to when that should be taken? 3.5) On that note, I was attempting Assault earlier, and ran across a video of a DPS Squire with about 15k health and a sword that did about 10k/hit. How. Just, how. I'm not bad at this game. Heck, I solo everything with one character at a time (no switching to a different one generally [I love me my tower build guys]), but it's just the end-game stuff that is eluding me. Maybe I shouldn't solo as much? I've done nigh everything for groups of four on Hard with a 40ish Monk with Electric-Power Drain aura pairs at cluster spots, btu those were randoms and not friends (damn friends need to buy this game more). Thanks a lot for the help in advance!
  7. Also, a bit off topic but there seems to be a bug where you can't watch a boss' intro video when in spectator.
  8. Okay, either I'm dumb or something isn't working correctly, so please explain this to me. I have incoming voice on, I have outgoing on, I have my sound up, yet I still can't hear people in game. Their mics are on and other people say they can hear both me and them, yet I still can't hear anything. And yes, I can see their talking icon as well as mine.
  9. I think this is a terrible idea. This isn't team fortress 2 and I would really hope it doesn't turn into an "accessory" farming game just to sell these things. I'm much more interested in keeping the games content for purpose like killing things :) That's exactly what I was thinking. This isn't Hat Fortress 2, nor should it become Look-At-My-Swagga Defenders.
  10. What about being able to set target priorities for towers? Lowest health, farthest away, not being currently targeted, etc.
  11. Yeah, I kind of notice the item info boxes sort of rub up against each other sometimes, blocking the price of one, but I will occasionally compare that. Bit nit-picky, but just saying. On the mini-map too I've had towers block enemy info, which didn't end well =(
  12. Awesome. I figured there was some way to do it with the release of the cfgs but I hadn't looked into it yet. I would like to see a tower's range outside of the building second of it. It's sometimes incredibly difficult to see a tower's range when placing it, and I would like to see it if it's highlighted when it's out. Cause, say I upgrade my tower range during a game; how far can it see now? Can I relocate my defenses to compensate?
  13. Oh, also, a second line of shortcuts. Like, holding alt and having second binds so you don't have to jump to 6-0 or so you can have a whole other 10 commands.
  14. I just started playing on the 'ranked' servers (if you check my recent posts you will realize I didn't see a difference at first) and I just logged on and my character is deleted. Got my apprentice up to Demon Lord, and now it's gone. I went back to the tavern after each mission and got an achievement so I know it saved, so I'm curious as to what happened. idk if this is a 'game issue' topic or if people generally post this in the 'general' section, but it is definitely an issue. No, I didn't get any sort of game save error, so we can rule that out.
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