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  1. Ok i got hit with this question that i am not sure how to answer, since i cannot find a players manual anywhere for this game.

    example: you have a lvl 23 monk, and you lay out a lighting aura. you up grade it 3 times. since your lvl 23 and cannot upgrade it to the 4th tier of what i call 1 star general. if your higher lvl toon upgrades it , does the power of that trap tower or aura scale up from the stand point of lvl 23 or would it scale up to the point as a lvl 40 toon lvled it 

  2. ok so is there a way to tell if or where i left off while campaigning ?  i tried to go to harder boards but it just wont let me it tells me to finish the quest . i have done all the dailies and the monthly so what do i need to do ? start from beginning. again and go do every board? i cant get any gear unless i do the onslaught map and then i can only do like the first set of 3 waves. i really dont want to start from the beginning again

  3. i have been getting the same exact problem since last night update , i have done everything you have too. i even get the black screen when i leave a game to go back to my tavern, then i have to ctrl-alt-delete to turn on task manager then shut down dd2. then sometimes it takes 4-5 tries to get it not to black screen on me . i have tried going to the tavern bar keep and writing a bug issue and i have even tried making that note pad thing .but i cant figure out how to run that darn notepad thing as administrator. 

  4. is there a place to go that explains how to complete the daily quest? it took me forever to get a straight answer about the electrocute shine quest. the quest literally say electrocute enemies. so i put down carpet bomb runs of monk lighting aura. after 3-4 boards with no kills for the daily i had to keep asking in the social chat . finally somebody said lay down a hunter water first then they will get electrocuted. now i am trying to do the kill enemies with traps. what is considered a trap the hunter stuff? the monk stuff? give some explaination as what we are supposed to be doing

  5. i wanna know what you all are doing right!! i can barely get past the first 3 boards on free play normal with my lvl 30 apprentice and lvl 27 squire.  i may just suck i dont know . i am not sure what i am doing wrong but if i try life root normal mode free play i die instantly....they just over run everything i throw at them

  6. ok yeh i understand now . i have just been trying to gear my apprentice since i just hit 30 yesterday. i still can just barely play free play normal mode on the first 2 maps. is there a secret place to get good gear ? i have tried onslaught but i get my arse handed to me. i am getting tired of wyvern den grinding free play easy mode so i stepped up to try a normal free play and slowly getting some stuff but man this is taking for ever

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