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  1. I see we've come to an agreement. If only more people would see Trendy's hidden agenda of cash grab and lackluster content only elongating the same broken system and breaking it even further. It's sad that the once great game of DD1 and early builds of DD2 are now just remembered for what they could have been.
  2. [[177723,users]], would you be able to elaborate on this topic? I'm curious as to what your referring to as midgame?
  3. The exp and money buff max at 255%. I think you're missing the message, sure you could ancient power rush to 255%, but say you have cumulative caps and at ancient power 20 you think to yourself " I think with these extra X amount of points in my towers I could reach a new personal best in onslaught!" Well you'll use your 100% exp buff and try to reach Y ascension level to max out your new tower stats. Then attempt the new personal best and maybe even actually get more than that. Because without added caps you're effectively still the same power level you were before ancient power with a 1% d
  4. I would say if endgame is what your concern was, then consider the game a nice change of pace. Onslaught now has a chance of dropping neat new boxes that contain odd stuff including new cosmetic stuff, a pet, costumes maybe more! Also, we're on track for what could be great things to come from the looks of it as they're focusing on increasing the longevity of the game if we go off of this most recent update.
  5. It's not about speed or theoretical value. You have to look at it from a player achieving something that is the considered one of the most esteemed features, where you sacrifice things to gain more power. I'm just looking at it from a standpoint that offers a player a bit more incentive to ancient power every time rather than wait until an obscenely high number to reach 999 Talent cap. However, I will argue that it is beneficial to a player if it was cumulative. For the sake of this argument, I'll use onslaught as our platform on why this would be beneficial. Onslaught is our current endgam
  6. I'm away right now, and I like your ideas. One thing I'd like to contribute is instead of using the highest ascension reached to raise Talent caps, to instead make it cumulative. For example if I'm trying to reach 999 all stats, then sure I'll reset to add 30 points to my cap. This way an ascension run isn't wasted if I never beat my previous best. This way if I do ancient power 50 times at minimum, I'd at least get +5 talent cap every time. Of course this is just idle thinking since I'm out and about ... so my street thinking may not be entirely grounded. I did the math in another post and
  7. Well then I would say the problem lies with their marketing team. I can think up hundreds of ideas right now to bring in revenue, because I exclusively play freemium games. I've also played my fair share of pay to win, pay to play, and of course-one time purchase games. This does not mean I should be giving their marketing team ideas. As a consumer I can give feedback, but they don't PAY ME to do the marketing for them. My word of mouth praising the game is all they'll get once the product is complete and enjoyable for anybody I can recommend it to.
  8. Gladly! So we're going to analyze the gear drops with perfect stats in two scenarios: Chaos Trials and Onslaught(We don't have much information here yet but we're going to use our community to see what's here) Chaos Trials So we're going to look at the Spreadsheet for Max stats per chaos tier Going off of this we can see that, relics have 16041 as the maximum possible from Chaos 6, therefore Chaos 7 gear starting at 16042. So we'll see the range of goodies that can possibly result from this. Now we'll take the theoretical maximum from Chaos 7 (21537) and subtract the minimum (16042) to get
  9. What does this mean? Are you saying whenever you reset you divid your current ascension level by 50 and then add your onslaught floor - 65? Does that mean if had 1000 ascension levels and were on floor 75, after resetting you would be at (1000 / 50) + (75 - 65) = 20 + 10 = 30. So you would lose 970 ascension levels when you reset? Yes, you would reset and begin at level 30 Ascension and have +30 stat cap raised on your Ascension skills. Unless you hit Ascension level 1050 or floor 76 on any of your following Ancient Powers, you will not see a change in the points at that point.
  10. It's not just the first reset that will kill you. Here's how they want you to use it. Ancient Power and revert to Chaos 1 with all the "AWESOME" "NEW" "POWERS". Great I got 1% for my hard work. Now you're going to keep your All time high Ascension as your previous high score. BUT your Ascension skills will only be Ascension / 50 added on to the top + whatever onslaught floors you cleared after 65. So, what I'm saying is not only do you have to capitalize on getting that 255% cap ASAP in order to beat your previous high score... Let's say you want to max out the talents at 999, that's 999-
  11. My point is... I should not be forced to leech to feel "rewarded" for not losing anything, "sacrificing" certain things sure, but EVERYTHING after hundreds of hours of gameplay? Sure, I was born yesterday I'm entirely unoffended by the idea that anyone would tell me: "Hey, our rewards system sucks but please buy into our "brand new" idea!" Whereas, other systems have clearly better rewards systems for anyone who's been a devoted loyal customer. It's the fact that we bought into a game to have fun and have it have meaning. If the game is all about progressively getting better gear/stats up to a
  12. You have just hit your first Ancient Power and are now looking to go for a second, third, etc. I will explain the different ways to save the most amount of time when looking to get your consecutive powers up to maximum. Have a second device capable of running Dungeon Defenders 2 (Matches your current platform)Have a multi-OS boot PC capable of running several instances of DD2 3. Have a friend capable of AFK farming C7 4. Make new friends? But y tho. First things first, you will need to maximize your time invested to potential rewards. On your second account you will need to maxim
  13. The more I play these games the worse they get. I started late on dungeon defenders 1 and had a blast. Started dd2 from the beginning it's progressively treated the players worse and worse. I have spent a lot of money on this game and subsequently haven't used a single gem because they're just piling, I've never supported loot boxes and the current skins are obscenely priced. I'd get them on sale if anything. Off topic:; I have the limited edition of fortnite and it's also gotten worse there's speculation the developers used us pve stw early access to fund their br mode. To top it off specul
  14. I'm with you all the way TheLeetTaco, but if I had to guesstimate a day for a Thanksgiving patch to go live, it would probably be the week of Thanksgiving. This is just a GUESS based on the day the Halloween event/maps were released.(Oct 27th)[Halloween was Oct 31st] As for a sneak peek at Thanksgiving related stuff we may get a nice little teaser on an upcoming devstream. However, I don't know if all holidays are observed. The company is based in USA(Florida) however these holidays are not worldwide so I would not expect Trendy, with their multitude of servers, SEA / European/ USA, to pla
  15. Yay! You get a bearkira, you get a bearkira, and you get a bearkira! Just check under your seat... I mean check the mailbox. Thanks Trendy!
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