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  1. Don't understand what it means but sure! (22:44:58:223)Log: =============================(22:44:58:223)Log: CHECK YOUR GC PRE-ALLOCATIONS(22:44:58:223)Log: ============================= (22:44:58:224)Log: Initializing Engine...(22:44:58:275)Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Texture2D DunDefNullTexture.NullTexture': Failed to find object 'Texture2D DunDefNullTexture.NullTexture'(22:44:58:276)Warning: Warning, Failed to load 'Class None.': Failed to find object 'Class None.'(22:44:58:276)Warning: Warning, Failed to find object 'Class None.'(22:44:58:372)Log: Object size..............: 64 Loo
  2. So I am not using VPN software, the launcher can load everything needed such as news feed and all. Never had this issue before until I wanted to play again. This is Windows 10 and I even allowed PC within DMZ as a test and still same issue. I wouldn't think the game not properly launching would be a layer 1-4 issue. I just performed a clean install and it is not working either.
  3. I am also having same issue. Tried everything in my "IT" book. Editing processor utilization to only utilize Hardware/Software processing power. Compatibility Mode w/Admin Rights. Editing config files to run at different resolutions whilst adjusting different rendering presets. Firewall settings, restart PC, latest Nvidia and Intel Drivers. Win 10 64-bit. Steam launched game. I can't figure this out on top of above Troubleshooting steps.
  4. I get this bug as well, have had it for 4 days or so. I have just gotten used to it :P
  5. Alpha


    That's a great idea KingxOfxThexVoid but I feel that would make it too easy to do and everybody would be running around with cool looking weapons, there should be prerequisites to the idea such as paying so much gold for the mog or salvaging weapons to collect different parts to build a transmog, something to make you work for it.
  6. Anyone else had any instances like these before, feedback is key to reproduction of bugs which helps patching.
  7. Alpha


    How many of you had received cool looking weapons of legendary status but have a green weapon that has better stats but looks like garbage. It would be nice to have the ability to Transmog the cosmetics to a weapon of lesser quality. Then again, I like finding good legendary weapons that look cool too!
  8. The above image shows a group of spear throwers dancing it out. Maybe caused by tower placement? Or a gifted goblin playing an instrument. The image above represents a my new Monk inside of my Squire, I was running around the map like this and only I could see it, other players could not see this. In a previous game I saw another player like that. This happened when I switched from my Squire to my Monk.
  9. Hello Magikarp, be sure to post in the support section so that you may get your problem fixed if that's the case.
  10. Founder -Said this one earlier just re-bumping it :D
  11. Doing that would run into various copyright issues but I am sure they can do what Southpark/ WoW etc does by changing everything to have a slight resemblance, maybe a community development server.
  12. Lol it is updated, what is Defense Council "70" XD
  13. Still awaiting a response from email, thanks again Gutu.
  14. Hello all whom this concerns, I purchased the Dungeon Defenders Pre-Alpha Bundle last year around October when there were a limited amount of keys. I have linked my steam account to my forum account and this forum title has failed to render. What else could I do to fix this or is it a members list issue?
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