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  1. Unable to play, don't have option to transfer legacy heroes, don't have anything. I waited after release to be able to do this and play finally. I just get blank screen in tavern as if a first person mode and no legacy options.
  2. So excited!! Hope the game is cross platform progression and maybe even a mobile port, Android SDK of course :P. Hopefully saves are server sided too lol, decompiling a save and reading the hex values was too much fun :P
  3. Was playing with a guy named Too_Tall on steam, helped me grind from Chaos 5 to 7 and let me use his older gear. Just wanted to say thanks man and that I really appreciate it! My Steam name is : Admin My internet disconnected and lost him to the Abyss :(
  4. Still awaiting an official message lol. Would definitely play on Xbox if they did this.
  5. I feel you bro, I have all the toons on PC except for the Dryard and the Mystic and LOTS of skins and full bags etcetc.. but my graphic card died on me and it saddened me so much xD farewell GTX 660 and welcome back to my SUPER UBER OLD graphic card GeForce 9500 GT that won't run anything ever xD It can run windows :P
  6. The skins are available on console, same as PC so I don't see why not. No one could unlock Defense Council skins on xbox lol. Why is it there?? Transfer our cosmetics and bags!
  7. I definitely agree about an Official response. Their presence on the forums is really lacking :(
  8. I mean, atleast the purchases and exclusive content should carry over, especially for those that bought the very first Council Packs that were like $40 a piece. Something to distinguish us on PC from others.
  9. Starting a request/petition thread to allow support for console linking including, at least, purchased packs. (Defense Council?) Or carrying over cosmetics and toons and or gear? will there be support for this in the future? I notice the skins are in the game. I shouldn't have to purchase things twice.
  10. So what fixed this for me temporarily at least, I can get into the game but after waiting at a white screen...Changed my date and time to reflect my current timezone and then forwarded the two ports required for Dungeon Defenders to communicate over network.
  11. And if some reason THAT doesn't work lol. Try this please... Step 1: Right-click on your desktop, go to New and select Text Document. Step 2: Enter the following text into the document: DunDefLauncher.exe -PVBSDEBUG=true Step 3: Name the document "runme.bat" (without the quotations). Step 4: Put the runme.bat in Steam's working folder for DD2. Example path: [STEAM INSTALL PATH]\Steam\SteamApps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2 Step 5: Run the runme.bat as an administrator. Step 6: A console screen will pop up which will then load the DD2 launcher (our bootstrapper). While the launcher is running it
  12. Then see if your logs folder will populate with logs and then maybe we could see what is going on.
  13. Hey raymundo, please try this... How to turn on Logging Navigate to the config folder at ...Steam/steamapps/common/Dungeon Defenders 2/DunDef2/UDKGame/config/Edit UDKEngine.ini with Notepad or Notepad++Change the following lines within UDKEngine.ini file by putting a semi-colon in front of them so they look like the following: ;Suppress=DevNetTraffic ;Suppress=DevConfig ;Suppress=DevNet ;Suppress=PlayVerse ;Suppress=CURLSave the updated UDKEngine.iniLaunch Dungeon Defenders 2 and replicate the issue you've been experiencing.Once you have replicated the issue close Dungeon Defenders 2. If the
  14. For verification purposes, what ports did you forward to your local IP address (192.168.x.x)
  15. Hmm... ok. I wish your computer had the decency to provide us with logs lol. I am curious as to why yours is not cooperating. If you have access to another network resource in the meantime.. I.E. "VPN" I would recommend seeing if it runs for you and maybe once I find the solution then we both will be in business and then we can trade steam names.
  16. So perhaps region restriction or port forwarding would be the answer. I will do some digging to find out what ports need to be forwarded and try that. I tried placing my system in the DMZ and it did not work. The log message I have when not using a VPN and I can't launch is this... (03:53:13:235)EventServer: PVEventsServer::Initialize ParentConnection It gets stuck here so it is not initalizing the connection properly to the server thus causing a hang in the application until it CAN establish that TCP handshake. I will get back to you raymundomanofdoo with a definite solution in my case and p
  17. I found something new in my case. I ran my VPN and connected to a VPN in the United States and I played the game and it ran just fine. Then I closed it, disconnected my VPN and attempted to run the game and it did not run. I am going to analyze my log files right now to see the cause of that. Maybe placing my system in the router DMZ would allow me to access the game, I don't know. I think I am on to something though. Are you located in Europe as well?
  18. Pretty basic question but have you tried running the DunDefGame.exe in compatibility settings along with admin rights request?
  19. Hey help me out too lol, good tips for him though. My logs are on the first page. Thanks bro
  20. We will try to help eachother raymundomanofdoo I guess since no one else really knows what's going on and the Trendy guys are almost non-existent on these forums. Could you upload a screenshot within the \Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame folder for me? It appears that Trendy needs to push out an update to fix these bugs.
  21. I don't know man :o. At that point I would reinstall DunDef2 just to see if it makes a log folder. If you don't even have that then there is something deeper at hand in your case. Sounds like corruption.
  22. Go to Dungeon Defender 2 and then search for "logs"
  23. Raymundo, try this: \Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Logs Sort by ---> Most Recent
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