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  1. but it was at least a challenge, as you had to prepare for a boss on any lane. it just takes away alot of challenges and most bosses are easy to deal with at least in expeditions
  2. not everyone wants to do resets as they are clearly optional. i also understand that having too high of a price is a punishment for the seller but without knowing the right price its pretty much meaningless. therefore i would like to see a real market in which you can compare prices and sell mods/items like in other games
  3. Draculajr

    Ev2 change

    well, the WM is mostly used for the stun on a relict anyway, the weapon sure is pretty useless and way too slow. its a shame but its almost the only good tower EV2 has anyway besides the reflect beam to reflect projectiles and the proto beams freeze shard. but they also are rarely used because their dmg isnt that high either and the relfect beam takes away DU's for more dmg towers also the explosions from it are pretty useless in my opinion ^^
  4. you are basically saying that people that dont have like 30€ to put in the game shouldnt play, you know that, dont you? a real free 2 play game has ingame ways of earning your way to unlock bags and so on and also provides enough space for the needs of thoose that are willing to play but unfortunate enough to have no money left. they could even do it like 10k medals for one bag, you still are able to unlock them but its at least doable for thoose with time and no money and also thoose that like the game and are willing to spend time in it. if thats the case, they could have sold the game to everyone for 20€ instead and also the game is still in development, its full of bugs and pretty much still a beta.
  5. well, the bag auto collect option is only good if you have whole bags to add them to, otherwise you would just have to lock everything else and use maybe 1/4 of a bag that is easily filled up during 1 to 3 waves if you are looking for something. theres also still the fact that the game is not new player friendly because of high level players that have to farm in low level areas and new players just leech through the game without getting to know the game themself. the bags also make life not just a little bit easier, its a HUGE improvement if you have them and you pretty much even need them if you are getting to high level as there all the farming and hoarding begins for all the good stuff. Upgrading shards also takes away up to 10 inventory slots for just one shard, and you usually want to keep also shards to upgrade others as you see them. its the point of the game to farm and new players arent able to farm the necessary quantity because of missing inventory space. maybe its not pay 2 win, but its pay to play as you feel like you are forced to pay to be able to play the way the game is intended to be played.
  6. bags right now are pretty much pay 2 win^^ if people like the game they also invest into skins and alike, i have seen many that already have quite a collection of skins that they have bought and some even buy a hero with real money. but it still would be an option for thoose without money or just too much time. not everybody is able to always pay for something thats quite necessary in this game.
  7. barricades really need to be stronger against his attacks i think, as for himself range attacks work nicely against him as he is rather mid range but then again he has way too much hp for the amount of dmg he deals
  8. i really agree with you, shards should be stackable or stored differently and petfood and eggs also spam the inventory, but it feels very much like it is intended so you buy their bags and vault slots i mean with each big update they introduce more and more inventory filling items and most of them dont even stack. what else should i think about it? pet food is also way too common, you dont need that much at all -.- and theres also a missing bag sort function for materials for auto collect this thread might also rather be placed in suggestions and not general discussions
  9. in the past of dungeon defenders, bosses spawned at random lanes but now its like they always spawn in wave x on lane x which makes it even more boring in my opinion why not having bosses spawn again on random lanes in any wave instead of a fixed one?
  10. as of now, its pretty much impossible to know the right price of any item or mod. it would be great to have a market like in other games but with the option to search for mods and its level or specific weapon names and get as a result a list of avaible sellers.It would benefit the players in many ways 1. being able to see the average price for items or what they sold for. 2. easier access to searched items as it wont require to befriend someone or to meet them in person ingame 3. competition between sellers therefore 4. more reasonable prices i also would like to see the shop slots avaible for ingame currency instead of real money currency or as an alternative
  11. i partially still agree with the thread creator, the old onslaught / endless mode was awesome and challenging, i really would like to see it back but in a way that you can start from a higher wave from the start. Also, Defender medals arent too hard to get, i mean either you invest alot of time to farm them together with shards or you just do your dailies and weekly. its your choice how you earn them but it would be nice to see that you dont have to use defender medals to upgrade or reroll stuff as it really takes too long to earn them for that
  12. As i havent seen this discussed yet ( i might be wrong and its somewhere here ) i create this thread From what i see and what has been implemented over time theres just way too much stuff to fill the inventory. 1. all the materials you need to upgrade stuff takes away over half an inventory. the shards you need or want to keep take away whole bags in addition that you need 10 shards to upgrade one to a gilded one. pet food/mats take away another half inventory. It just feels like Trendy wants to keep having the game in free2play but makes new players just feel like forced to pay. vault slots are as expensive as bag slots, bag and vault slots can only be bought with real money currency ingame. In my opinion, to have this game be a free2play game, they should be able to be earned ingame as well and not only with real money because they are necessary for everyone. New players have only 3 inventory bags and 1 vault slot, you guys know well enough how long it would last as you pretty much have to play with 4 heroes either to build or fight. and for the building heroes the huntress has just become useless besides the PDT because of all the counters and the limited range of her traps. maybe trendy wants to also force them to invest in new heroes to be able to build and counter thoose counters -.-
  13. i agree here as well, also new players are leeching from high level players doing low level maps. how are new players able to progress naturally and knowing the game step by step if they dont even build themself because high level players want a higher loot rate and farm mods and shards? They just leech, get higher gear and possibly know nothing of that difficulty and wonder why they die in the next one or the next after that one
  14. well, but by the current inspect feature its pretty much useless because you can not even inspect the towers correctly and neither their champions. its almost like its not even there ^^
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