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  1. Congrats Dredd! And thanks for all the hard work you've put in to the community events. I was lucky enough to receive a Giraffe in the first giveaway you did! Good luck, and remember to fight the good fight for console players everywhere!
  2. There's no reason that Trendy couldn't make some console exclusive DLC. But they won't. We just don't fit very high on their list of priorities.
  3. You're right about the accessibility, however comfort is easily duplicated with a PC. You don't need to be hunched over in a chair while you play. I wasn't even telling him to go buy it, just informing that it is very possible to play 4 player split screen of DD on the steam version. As far as purchasing the game you're correct, he did and he received it. There's no issue of him having to repurchase the game in order to get together with some buddies and play DD. If he wanted to experience a different version of DD on a different platform that would warrant a repurchase, same as for anybody
  4. Just gotta point out that it is 100% possible to do that on the steam version. Console gaming will always have the edge in accessibility and comfort. Also he's paid for the game once. Why should he have to buy it again?
  5. I really hope Trendy doesn't pull an Uberent on us. If and when they do make more games, be it DD2 or any other title, I hope we see them on console. Especially since the updating process looks to be having an overhaul.
  6. It's the way of the future. Corporations tend not to like renters and the secondary game market, as they don't get a share. To them, renting games and buying used games is almost tantamount to piracy. I mean, laugh all you want to, but extra maps, characters, etc., use to be free content, and then someone got the bright idea of them being DLC. You know where we stand today. I miss hidden characters :(
  7. A few points. The whole car analogy, well, there isn't a problem with that. You bought what you bought for what it had. Just because DunDef is a multi-platform game does not mean every platform should get all the content. Trendy offering the PC version for free to every console player is just stupid. Trendy is a business and they need to make profit in order to continue doing what the love; making video games. Just because you bought the version for a different system does not mean you are entitled to the game on all versions. As for the cost of a computer than can run DunDef it is not
  8. Defend Trendy all you like, putting the pictures of the new heroes in the tavern was always going to piss people off. And people have a right to be pissed off. All the excuses in the world can't justify that. Cite me a similar example of a company doing that? If you bought a Mortal Kombat game that had Reptile on the box but not in the game, you'd be mad. It's pretty much the same thing. Oh and I know they're two completely different games, but that doesn't invalidate my point. It's the same principle.
  9. I did google search, explains why I put the the in Behemoth. And after more searching I found out that most of the DLC for Castle Crashers included character already in-game just made playable. (BTW how many patches does castle crashers have right now and how many are in upcoming-remember Trendy needs patches for weapons and since they are limited with 4mb patches-unless there is and exception-they would need to stack a lot of patches which is not allowed.) Not only that but Trendy is a smaller indie company, Trendy's tech team is only 3 people. Also you must be playing on Xbox, remember Micro
  10. I'm kinda in the same boat. On one hand the patch will should greatly help balance and fix the game, thus allowing new players to get a better experience out of DunDef than we did originally. On the other hand the patch really won't do much for us who've completed the whole console DunDef experience. Will I continue to purchase the DLC and play the console after the update? Of course, but that's really about it. The revolting responses some people have left Trendy on the "Console DLC News" thread has left me completely enraged and I consider it insulting that they even live, let alone pot
  11. Post deleted again. Seriously?
  12. So, we've heard talk of this patch for months now. And still, we're no closer too knowing what it will contain, or wen it will land. But that's not what I'm asking here. I'm asking whether the community still cares. I for one don't. I feel since the big news regarding the severe lack of content, patch or no patch, I still don't want to play the game. They can't possibly cram enough content into this patch to make it worthwhile. Especially size I have completed all the content available to me. I don't expect miracles from the patch, and I fear anyone doing so has nothin but disappointment
  13. I choose Jesus, since there's no chance we'll be getting him either.
  14. patience lol thats a laugh... where do games companies get so much leigweigh ? so just 4 hours late for you and your happy... trendy seem to be same time zone as me, its 12:20 pm here, what are you saying that this isnt a global market ? or that "we" should give them leighwiegh because they didnt realise its a global market ? what are you saying ? i want to play with a barbarian, its long been the 30th for me, am i wrong for taking their release information seriously ? in other markets where globalism causes staggered or synced releases, the range of times are included so everyone knows
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