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  1. This is from my reddit thread https://www.reddit.com/r/dungeondefenders/comments/5xdgw2/pdts_and_current_state_of_game/ So i was just thinking to myself about the current state of the game and a few points came to mind, mainly about pdts and there current state. So Why do PDTs feel good and why we are using them, Yes they are overtuned with crit and yes we arent using them for the poison but why do they feel so good? Because they are a tower yes a TOWER and they are doing damage in what currently in my eyes is a dps based game and they are essentially just being used for a projectile that d
  2. I Just realised i wrote all of this without the actual hero deck in mind, The hero deck is a game stopper for high end solo play / group play personally i feel it should just be removed.
  3. Character slots Problem? and possible solution So what do i mean by this, lets go back in time and look at dungeon defenders 1, character slots were not a problem because you basically had infinite amount and you didnt matter if you wanted 1 tower based char and 1 dps focused of each type. However due to how character slots work in DD2 it seems like for hardcore players or even some of the people who just play alot or want to solo everything will have to spend a decent amount into buying them if they want to be able to do what they did in DD1. So myself seeing this as a possible problem in the
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