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  1. Troll thread? Nope. I am just tired of that loading screen! You know, the one where the camera is positioned from above, and the child's breasts are in full view? Children -- the huntress looks much less than 18 years old, especially in that particular image. She also appears to be the youngest of the bunch. Not attacking the artist. However, in the past, at Trendy, there have been documented gender discrimination issues and "up-sexing" of child characters. (Just look it up.) I would rather that unpleasant bit of history not repeat itself. I will also add to the list of annoyances -- the base huntress costume is disgraceful -- the "shorts" cut in the back... really? An empty square that shows her butt... oh sorry, "tights" .... yeah. It just looks gross, and I don't feel I should have to see that kind of stupidity. (And, before you get into another hissy fit, yes, I cover up my monk as well. Why heroes would go into battle naked is beyond me.....) Can you show us your source for her being a child, please? Seeing as you're the only one here who sees this cartoon as a sentient human being that is also under the legal age of consent (which, by the way, is not 18 in most parts of the world) then the burden of proof lies on you. Continuing off that, since when is it required for someone to be of age before trying to make themselves attractive? Are you suggesting highschoolers only wear long johns and sweaters? How on earth is a character dressing up as they / the artist sees fit "disgraceful", unless you're meaning bodies are inherently disgraceful?
  2. Interesting idea for sure, but it kind of seems like it goes against the game's genre (Tower Defense.) Maybe this could work as a separate game-mode?
  3. +1 Dramor Have we heard if their implementation is going to be raw or octo-directional? I'd assume raw, but it's nice to have confirmation.
  4. Alzoids

    XP Boosts

    Bonuses for each level, and then overall map bonuses would be nice. For instance, completing wave 1/5 would give you a +20% EXP modifier, completing wave 2/5 would give an additional 20%, and so on. However, getting up to and finishing the 5th wave while meeting whatever requirement is being targeted you'd get an additional 5% bonus from each wave (or something similar). Great idea, Envicta.
  5. Alzoids

    Map Levels

    +1 This would be really useful after taking extended breaks from the game.
  6. Is this serious? You're comparing the inclusion of a video game character's anatomy to the abuse of real children. The two aren't even in the same league. And the Huntress looks to be, what, 16-ish? If you can't handle a slight amount of jiggling (on a body part that, well, jiggles) maybe it would be wise to stay away from games all together.
  7. Local co-op is going to be great, hopefully their implementation is top tier! I'd like to be able to switch between split horizontal and split vertical as well. IMO PS4 development should be put off until they have the game where they want it (fleshed out, all levels created, story finalized, etc.) as to not impede anything else. Prompt support after that though would be fantastic!
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