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  1. Hey Blacksmith,

    Overall I'm liking the sound of this new system - really seems like a step in the right direction. 

    I do however have a couple concerns that I'd really appreciate your comment/thoughts on:

    • I specifically farmed for some VERY good items with almost perfect passives. - Are we going to have to start again in terms of passives?  If so this would be a real kick in the balls for the last 600 hours I put into the game. 
    • Perhaps you can "convert" the passives into shards and place those in our inventory when making this change over so we don't lose all benefits of our game play so far?
    • I specifically paid for the premium bags and bough as many as I could. With the new system it sounds like someone who didn't pay will be equally as well off as me.  That doesn't sound quite fair.  
    • Are we going to get some refunds (X number of gems per Premium bag for instance?) or something else in-game to make up for this?

    Thanks - and hope you all have a good holiday break . 

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