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  1. Hey! So first off..I have no idea how much my legendary and mythic gold pets should sell for (got a few saved up from years back). If anyone could give me pointers on how much these go for that would be great! Also... I was mucking around with prices and seeing how the market worked (when I last played there was no such thing) and I lost 10 mil because I didn't know listing something then taking it off meant you lost the money of tax... Yeah I know there is some small print but still when there are 50 new things that you've never seen before you don't really expect it. I feel stupid and Support refused to assist unfortunately :(
  2. Merry Xmas! :) But on a serious note I've never had any kind of performance issues....I have a fairly high-end system. Is a bug open for that?
  3. It feels weaker because it is :) In my build it does about 100k less DPS than my Sweeper cannon.
  4. So it seems you are all split on whether this new "perfect" 750 weapon is better or not. But I can tell you from testing on the Training Dummies it puts out about 100k dps less than other weapons.
  5. Right - and that's what I'm saying. I have an 8x1 = 8 weapon... but that gives lower DPS than an 2x3 = 6 weapon.... how?!
  6. Yeah after some testing it looks like even the total DPS is not great... Weird as it's a "perfect" 750 weapon. Shame :(
  7. Hey all, I seem to do about 100k LESS DPS with the 750 weapon that you buy from wayfairer... Is this right? I thought a 750 weapon (upgraded to the max) with hero dmg and crit would be better than a 690 weapon with 2x3 firing rate.. Is this a bug?
  8. Completely agree with you. I just feel like no one listens and cares.
  9. What if I'm looking for Hero dmg, Hero crit and crit chance...but it's not X hero gear but Y hero gear...now I can't use it on X hero because "it's not the right (Y) hero". This is despite me not using Y hero for DPS... I think it's a pretty bad design idea and will only lead to increase the already (bad) grind for gear. Something else has to be changing here that we're not aware of...but that's just the problem - we're not aware of it. Someone at Trendy needs to step up here and do a better job of communicating with us as right now I have no faith that "oh things are coming, trust us!".
  10. This is a terrible idea. Loot 2.0 is not here so why push this? How about you fix things like the Huntress PDT "health bonus" still being in-game when we were told it would not be for long? Because with this update you've now made players HAVE to farm and equip loot (such as PDT health bonus) which you said won't be in the game for much longer. And if anyone wonders why there is backlash "despite Trendy responding", it's because it's not a change or a response anyone wanted to hear. There is only so much faith we can keep putting into Trendy when all they seem to do is push out updates no one agrees with.
  11. Hmm. I can't see them being slowed at all from Spawn point.. Here is another video on a different map - it looks like it is kinda working..maybe? Are my Eyes just not good enough to notice? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khaup8UXKbE
  12. I made a video here: *I just uploaded it so it make take a little time from this post to be up in 1080 as YouTube is processing it.   From my PoV it doesn't look like it's working... I don't notice a 1/3 reduction in speed?
  13. I personally would like to see this.
  14. I put a ? as I'm not 100% sure as the only confirmation I have is a visual check - which isn't very accurate. I've got 66% on my Monk which should equal a 34% reduction in speed (so just over 1/3 of a speed reduction - quite significant). However looking at Mobs that pass through the SA - I can't really see a reduction in speed. Can someone confirm that this is in fact working? Because I can't see it myself.
  15. I've not come across this myself...But then again I have 16 GB RAM on my PC so I may not be the best person to ask. Also - I think this isn't the right thread to post in for help. I'd suggest you start a new thread on the bug/tech help forum or raise a support case with Trendy.
  16. Questions from me: I signed up to edit/contribute to the WiKi which is "player-administrated". I have not received an email and I cannot log in there. - When can players actually edit the WiKi?When will the WiKi use HTTPS like the forums? - right now we're sending our details plaintext across the internet. When are the forums receiving a badly needed upgrade? - They are out dated, awkward to use and on mobile, pretty bad. Any plans to get rid of the "hopeless" feel of the game with regards to RNG? - RNG is fine, but something to control it is needed. e.g. let us re-roll stats on gear? How often do the Devs/TE employees play the game? - I think it's important they do as that gives them the best feel for what's happening. Can we look to make the town MUCH bigger? - If you go to the top of the ship in the town you can see for some distance away...would be awesome to have a larger town with more/different areas. Any plans for changing up onslaught/endless game mode? - Right now we can get to wave 100+ when asleep/AFK....it's a grind no one enjoys and combined with the RNG factor it's not providing any "Value" to the game or players. 8+ hours of AFKing to get that one extra missing piece of gear is not fun. When new Hero's are released, can we please get better info in the Wiki on how they work? - A good example is the mystic, I don't think anyone really knows exactly how things scale (abilities vs towers) and what is that sand-timer "buff" thing she has?Do we have a targeted release date of DD2? - The game has been in "Early Access" since 5th December 2014. That's coming up to two years of Alpha/Beta. Coming off my previous question - Do you think almost two years of "Early Access" is too long?
  17. Captain Alejo - excellent questions and I think these are extremely important to the future of this game.
  18. I can't find much info on the WiKi and its not that intuitive on how she works.. Examples: When the Mystic is your active hero she buffs defenses etc...there is NO info on this in the wiki. I had to google and find a thread on steam discussing this. How does her "abilities" scale with Ability power? - Ability 4 (Serpent's Coil) seems to be a tower...but is listed in the WiKi under "ability". So is this in fact not an ability but a tower and needs defense power etc?Dark Torment - Again this seems to end up spawing a tower, does this tower deal damage based on Ability power or def power?
  19. I have a Dragolich and I don't really use it.. Yes it makes the damage amazing great..but not for that long and it's only once every 10 seconds...and that's only on the lane/area you're in. It's kinda fun to use but at NM4 with 350+ hours in the game I have good enough towers/gear that I never feel like "omg a dragolich would really help right now". Betsy, Harb, general mobs, none of them NEED Dragolich to kill them. So stop moaning about how it's broken and "needs a fix". It doesn't need a fix as it doesn't "break" game play in anyway shape or form.
  20. Wanted to bump this one as I noticed it on throne room onslaught today. The Towers look as if they are constantly "spinning up" but I never see the beam hit mobs. When you look at the towers and press "E", you do see the "Enemies Chilled" number increase, but not very often and I'm not sure if we can actually trust this figure.
  21. As the title suggests I'm Really enjoying the game. I'd like to say thank you to all the devs and other teams at Trendy for creating this new content...if it's still in Alpha and it's this good I'm eager to see what else you got for Beta/full launch! For background I'm now at the NM4 farming stage (and have been for some 300+hours). Also, I would like to mention, this is not a moan. These are points that I think can be improved :) Some of them are just fine and I've provided my feedback as such. The Dungeondefenders.com forums: They do leave something to be desired. I know you want to make the website/forums look like the game etc but it's a pretty horrible website in general, particularly on mobile. Plus the text editor is not great. For example, when making this post, I highlighted some text and pressed "header" to make it a header...it doesn't work like that it. It creates everything on the same line as a "header". BUT, the bold and underline functions DO work by selecting text and that has applied what you wanted. All Heros have same power and usability: I think we can all agree that the Abyss lord kinda broke the other hero's when it was released. Since then the other heros have been buffed and are now able to compete with the AL. Please keep this up and don't change it.If there is just 1 build with 1 hero it gets too boring. I think the current balance is good - I can build just about any map with just about any hero mix. WiKi needs updating: I'm not sure who looks after the WiKi but there are currently 6 active editors (of 217 registered). Due to the Alpha nature of the game it's sometimes hard to understand what is the desired effect of a mechanic within game. If we had some more active editing from the Dev/Game team on expected behaviours, better descriptions etc of certain game mechanics, then it would be a lot easier to build and report bugs. A good example of this is the Monk equipment passive page. https://wiki.dungeondefenders2.com/wiki/Passives It says that Karma Vortex is on all gear (apart from weapon and relic) and this is incorrect. - Just gloves. I have just now tried to register but not received the conformation email...so can't edit right now... Onslaught: It needs a bit of a revamp to keep it interesting.If you can make it 200 rounds the rewards should be pretty dam high. I personally make it to 60-80 before I get bored/idle out. UI General stuff.. Inventory system: Navigating through the system is not that smooth/great. It could do with some love on this part. Searching Inventory system: It would be awesome if I could equip my Monk, and then search for Monk passives on gear. Or, just search based on highest defence power/health etc. These kind of things would make it much nicer. General UI and menus: In general the game seems a bit...clunky? There are thing like the game browser, seems to take quite a while to load the list and refresh things. The Inventory screen/system is also just a bit outdated. I'm not underestimating the amount of work that would need to go into this to make it better/more modern, but I think it would really help. Auto collect filters a little broken: Is it just me or are the lower options unable to be chosen due to a UI bug? e.g. the list you can choose from on what to auto-collect cannot be moved or seen properly due to the next bag down interfering with it. Loot system: In general the loot system needs a re-think.e.g. I should be able to auto-sell (not have to pick up and sell) all that is not legendary. As an end-game player I have absolutely no interest in a 700 ipwr mythical or 'lower' item that drops - just sell that stuff and give me the money please :) Pets: I personally like to have all legendary pets equipped. But as I understand it there is no benefit in doing this. I do think that there should be a benefit of some kind as they are significantly rarer than Mythical etc. Much like legendary gear is better than mythical, so should legendary pets be better. Creeper eggs cannot drop a legendary pet: Just seems kinda random? Also makes roughly (very very roughly) 1/3rd of eggs that I just bin/sell due to them being useless. I understand this is "useless to me" but still kinda odd that it cannot drop any Legendary pets. Premium pets: From reading it in-game it seems you can spend premium currency and there is "a chance" of getting one of the "below" pets. I'm not going to spend premium currency on a chance. I'd prefer a slightly higher price and have a choice of which one I want. Leveling: I have about 13+ chars now for different builds, defences etc. It's just annoying/boring that I have to lvl up a new char when I want to create a new build. I run Harb on hard mode and do it until I'm 50. How could we change this? In DDE (what I played before DD2) you could do 1 run of City in the cliffs on NM/HC and you'd be lvl 50 (or almost 50) by the end of it. This ties in with NM4 and the XP rewards not being in-line with the difficulty. e.g. any NM4 map should be giving WAyyyyyy more XP than harb on hard. End game content: I'm not sure exactly what needs to be done here but I think we're going in the right direction. I'm at the point now where every map in NM4/inc can be soloed or have 4 other people join and I carry them through with my build. This is nice that I've got the good gear/builds...but doesn't have that much of a challenge. I think there are some good steps being taken.e.g. - the new incursions (bling king, deamon lair etc) We just need to keep this up by having some maps which you kinda AFK (build and then leave to win), and then some where you actively need to be doing stuff in-game. End game Gear/rewards: So it seems fairly "easy" to gear for end-game by running onslaught enough times and you'll get some decent gear that will allow you to build and DPS for end game. BUT - we now have the 750 ipwr Incursions which are significantly harder than just farming onslaught. They are also not as easy to farm (you got to do stuff and do it often, rather than build and sit there for 8 hours). I think that this is a good way to go as it allows most players to get into NM4 and join in. But then those (like me) who are a bit more determined and want to progress further/have bragging rights (and larger E-*** of course) with higher iPwr can. So thanks, keep it up! :) Costumes/skins: I have bought some cool skins for my huntress,monk,apt, squire and they look dam nice. As many more as you can get the better :) And I personally prefer the premium skins (like huntress on fire, monk with lightning etc) They look awesome! Can't really See DPS: I think its gotten better, but when you're hitting a training dummy it's sometimes really hard to figure out what your DPS is as the numbers/colours over flow each other and so you can't see it. Training dummies idea: Building on the above...I have an idea for training dummies. I'd love to have some kind of sandbox place within the tavern or private tavern where I could request X amount of X enemy to fly or walk a set path at a set level. e.g.I want 2 ogres and 3 bombers to walk the path and they are NM4 Inc "level". Along the way they will interact with what ever I throw at them as they would normally in-game. This would be pretty cool to test DPS/Builds against certain mob types. Fairly complex idea but it would make it super cool. Multi player permission issues (kicking etc): The leader/session owner should be able to sell everything they want - will get rid of people who join your session and build stupid stuff. The leader/session owner should also not be kickable. Leader leaving session due to Disconnected: Would be super awesome if the leader left (due to ISP issue or something) that the game paused. Then a 10 minute timer starts and allows only the leader to re-join that game from their end. OR, if the players are confident, they can all press G (or something like that) and continue without the leader. Alternative is, don't drop the power of defences when the leader leaves as it can be frustrating if they DC (especially during Onslaught.) Trading in-game: Would be pretty cool if we could trade in-game. Would be even more cool if each player could have their own "shop" that you could advertise items for a price and people can pay you while you're offline.GuildWars2 has a good Market system in place. Something like that would be nice.
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