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  1. Hey! So first off..I have no idea how much my legendary and mythic gold pets should sell for (got a few saved up from years back). If anyone could give me pointers on how much these go for that would be great! Also... I was mucking around with prices and seeing how the market worked (when I last played there was no such thing) and I lost 10 mil because I didn't know listing something then taking it off meant you lost the money of tax... Yeah I know there is some small print but still when there are 50 new things that you've never seen before you don't really expect it. I feel stupid
  2. Merry Xmas! :) But on a serious note I've never had any kind of performance issues....I have a fairly high-end system. Is a bug open for that?
  3. It feels weaker because it is :) In my build it does about 100k less DPS than my Sweeper cannon.
  4. So it seems you are all split on whether this new "perfect" 750 weapon is better or not. But I can tell you from testing on the Training Dummies it puts out about 100k dps less than other weapons.
  5. Right - and that's what I'm saying. I have an 8x1 = 8 weapon... but that gives lower DPS than an 2x3 = 6 weapon.... how?!
  6. Yeah after some testing it looks like even the total DPS is not great... Weird as it's a "perfect" 750 weapon. Shame :(
  7. Hey all, I seem to do about 100k LESS DPS with the 750 weapon that you buy from wayfairer... Is this right? I thought a 750 weapon (upgraded to the max) with hero dmg and crit would be better than a 690 weapon with 2x3 firing rate.. Is this a bug?
  8. Completely agree with you. I just feel like no one listens and cares.
  9. What if I'm looking for Hero dmg, Hero crit and crit chance...but it's not X hero gear but Y hero gear...now I can't use it on X hero because "it's not the right (Y) hero". This is despite me not using Y hero for DPS... I think it's a pretty bad design idea and will only lead to increase the already (bad) grind for gear. Something else has to be changing here that we're not aware of...but that's just the problem - we're not aware of it. Someone at Trendy needs to step up here and do a better job of communicating with us as right now I have no faith that "oh things are coming, trust us!".
  10. This is a terrible idea. Loot 2.0 is not here so why push this? How about you fix things like the Huntress PDT "health bonus" still being in-game when we were told it would not be for long? Because with this update you've now made players HAVE to farm and equip loot (such as PDT health bonus) which you said won't be in the game for much longer. And if anyone wonders why there is backlash "despite Trendy responding", it's because it's not a change or a response anyone wanted to hear. There is only so much faith we can keep putting into Trendy when all they seem to do is push out upd
  11. Hmm. I can't see them being slowed at all from Spawn point.. Here is another video on a different map - it looks like it is kinda working..maybe? Are my Eyes just not good enough to notice? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khaup8UXKbE
  12. I made a video here: *I just uploaded it so it make take a little time from this post to be up in 1080 as YouTube is processing it.   From my PoV it doesn't look like it's working... I don't notice a 1/3 reduction in speed?
  13. I personally would like to see this.
  14. I put a ? as I'm not 100% sure as the only confirmation I have is a visual check - which isn't very accurate. I've got 66% on my Monk which should equal a 34% reduction in speed (so just over 1/3 of a speed reduction - quite significant). However looking at Mobs that pass through the SA - I can't really see a reduction in speed. Can someone confirm that this is in fact working? Because I can't see it myself.
  15. I've not come across this myself...But then again I have 16 GB RAM on my PC so I may not be the best person to ask. Also - I think this isn't the right thread to post in for help. I'd suggest you start a new thread on the bug/tech help forum or raise a support case with Trendy.
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