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  1. So will there be compensation for players who spent 500 hours farming for the perfect 23k C7 relic only to throw it away within 5 minutes when chaos 8 comes out? That could be pretty unmotivating for a lot of us, and it makes me feel like I shouldn't play until the final chaos tier is in place because I'll grind a lot of hours into essentially nothing. I hope there are other things in mind than more arbitrary chaos tiers. If anything, we need fewer chaos tiers, and more unique gear traits and higher item tiers. Maybe hardcore mode for chaos 7.
  2. Of course, my good Samaritan! I'll put it on my schedule.
  3. Indeed. If you're bleeding to death after getting stabbed, do you just sit there and appreciate how wonderful life is? Or do you go to the hospital immediately and then appreciate it when everything's all right? Because DD2 is not all right. It's dying, and it needs a hospital before admiration.
  4. Okay... Let me roleplay as Trendy (what they personally come off to me as, anyway). Not what they actually said. We understand your concerns on this matter, Mr. KnowsNoLimits, and we've discussed this a lot internally. The current official endgame mode (coming next update) is still being worked on. It's something we've put a lot of time into after listening to everyone's feedback, and we hope you'll feel different about this next update. Trading is something we've been discussing internally for a while now, and the backend systems for transferring of items between players is still being wor
  5. The active player base number is the lowest it's ever been in the past 2 years. Why is the game dying? Please share your thoughts.
  6. They said yes but that they may archive everything and put it back after.
  7. I think they're going to nuke and revamp the forums sometime next year.
  8. The other issue is that half of the top 10 players were all playtesters who got to test the content beforehand. And they play together in groups, supposedly. I also don't like this "rush to top 10" thing... I'd rather have weekly events where everyone who reaches the max stars gets a reward. I'd log on for that, but I haven't for the extremely boring competition.
  9. sounds like the loot was more dynamic in dd1 and good loot was actually rare and unique
  10. Bold assumptions. If anything, he likes this game more than you because he's actually giving feedback and pointing out ways the game could be improved. All of us love this game and know of the amazing potential it has to become awesome, and we wouldn't be posting here otherwise, but unfortunately, Trendy keeps making poor design decisions. I know you'll disagree since you pretty much love any update they release, even if it's horrible and makes no sense.
  11. So add restrictions and make the game harder? HWID lock for one login per computer... So you'd not only need multiple computers but then hopefully the maps would also be hard enough that you'd actually have to play on all 4 characters, which you can't if you're already on one. Oh trust me, this'll come eventually. More money for Trendy. (1) The links were to provide confirmation that it was being discussed internally since some players weren't sure. (2) It's not *just* a tower defense game. It's a tower defense looting game. The game is literally revolved around loot. You keep asking for
  12. Have you ever bothered to listen to those people's reasons for wanting trading? Please read my thread: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/147524/player-trading Perhaps in the current extremely dull state of the game where there's not one rare loot drop, but you'd feel different if there were super rare items and more cool loot content. There's a reason 99% MMOs have trading, from WoW to SWTOR, B&S, Tera, Wizard 101, EVE, Albion Online, POTBS, UWO, Mabinogi, SL, Everquest 2, Archeage, RuneScape...just some off of the top of my head. Did you know that RuneScape had a MASSIVE riot and tho
  13. I suppose someone will eat anything if starved enough.
  14. ally


    I think it's a funny meme how Trendy's (apparently) going to post the top 10 players each week and give them exclusive rewards and then recycle mastery mode's rewards every few months as if mastery mode is a HUGE, special event that we've all been waiting years for. Test your character's abilities! Enter the competition! Fight to become the best! Win shiny, exclusive prizes! Get fame and prestige! Can you handle the challenge? lol. should not put the cart before the horse imo this update shouldve come out in 2020
  15. No, definitely not. A lot of the suggestions I've given (which I'd consider large improvements) would've, in fact, taken even LESS dev work and time. One new rare weapon with unique traits with a 1/500 drop rate would've kept me playing this game and grinding trials. Now I haven't played in over a month. Mastery mode is too boring.
  16. All I keep is hearing extremely rare loot with special gear traits and trading. I hope Trendy is too.
  17. Yes. Legendaries drop so frequently. And it's not even that -- 99% of the time the legendary drop is good, especially now with orbs removed. Stats are always the same, although with marginally different numbers. Need more gear traits and extremely rare drops.
  18. Could combine US-East and US-West into US-Central or something. Hopefully, the server isn't gone permanently. A decent chunk of the community would likely quit.
  19. Could not agree more. But, unfortunately, we both know your feedback won't change a thing. My last 50 suggestion threads just like yours here, which I'd argue are more reasonable and well-constructed than most of the other suggestion threads I've read throughout the years, didn't impact the game in a single way. We need more small updates. Small QoL improvements and loot additions. More randomness -- even the diamond pet you grinded for in DD1 was random because it was dynamic and unique each time. More normal shards. A better crafting system, more rare loot. More enemy traits. Did you notice
  20. Indeed. Incorporating challenges in trials would've fixed this issue. Also, the challenges are silly and too restricting. No upgrading? No repairing? No using of X defense? Way to deprive players of what little gameplay there is anyway. Would've liked more unique challenges that don't restrict or remove gameplay but add gameplay, instead, like boss rush waves, unique enemy traits, more enemy health, and so on.
  21. Terrible and inaccurate summary. Go away. It can appeal to both sides of the spectrum.
  22. The next update is challenging but in an annoying way. The challenges aren't very original and seem to restrict you a bit too much. I want fun challenges -- like boss rush, where 20 ogres rush. In other words, more mobs and mob healing, NOT less defenses and less defense repairing. In addition, gear is scaled, which means that 23k relic some player spent 500 hours farming for isn't going to be relevant when he spends 500 hours farming mastery mode.
  23. I haven't logged on DD2 in well over a month now. I played daily for about ~2 months until I got to C7 endgame and then I continued to grind trials for a couple of weeks before I finally got burnt out. There’s not much to do other than to grind for no real reason. There's ascenion levels, but they’re pretty arbitrary and barely amount to anything. There are no epic, rare items that take weeks of searching, similar to Ultimate++ items in DD1. There are no materials you can gather to truly craft a special and unique item. There are no epic, dynamic boss fights. Even if Betsy were in C7, she’s si
  24. You can only get one of each hyper shard and there won't be that many from what I heard, so you should probably still farm for missing shards.
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