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  1. Can someone list out the weapon tiers from lowest to highest? Is Epic better than Mythical?
  2. Don't you guys see!? This game is so much more balanced now! No longer do people have to see the ol and boring LA and Geyser combo in every game now you can hack and slash your way to victory! Yes of course some people may complain about tower speed being removed, BUT REMEMBER! The tower speeds were making the towers very buggy! I think. So the best way to fix this game breaking bug was to remove tower speed entirely! Why spend the resources to recode some towers when we could just remove things and still make it seemingly balanced to play! Even better than having a balanced game, your setups
  3. I miss attack speed. Why was it removed? Something with it bugging the towers? So I guess removing the speed stat entirely must be the best option, who needs to fix buggy towers in the first place amirite! /s
  4. Like if we create a private server, it'll show all the trophies we got from DD1. It'll also give an incentive for people to play DD1 again to get all the trophies giving Trendy more $$$ if new players want to get the trophies.
  5. If they're not wiped, cool. If they're wiped then w/e. The tokens were pretty easy to get anyways and I just had to login once every day for 15-20 mins to do the daily. I stopped collecting tokens anyways 1-2 weeks ago to hear news about the wipe - whew! - good thing I waited. Sucks for those who got Betsy's egg. It's boring once you have everything maxed out. I'm excited to put another 200 hours into the game!
  6. Oh god the last update was two months ago... Almost 3. That's like 25% of the year.
  7. It would've been really cool if the skin was a nod to Luffy from One Piece: Luffy (Image didn't show up on here so I link it instead)
  8. oh thank you!. So Betsy's egg isn't worth it at all.
  9. Please post pics of stats and the pet itself.
  10. I forgot the name of this one mod in tf2 but it awarded medics who healed the most with extra points at the end of a round which could be used to upgrade items. I think that a feature similar to this could be implemented into DD2 to incentivize players to repair defense because currently players are doing the square root of jack *** when it comes to repairing defenses or upgrading them.
  11. Yeah your right, this is a pretty big idea to do. I think it would be a fantastic addon if this game becomes as big as League of Legends someday since this game is so unique and there's none other like it.
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