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  1. Just do the last map(the boss fight, forgot the name) and you get plenty of them. I never had an issue with it.
  2. The FPS on the PS4 version are garbage, I would favor performance over graphics any day maybe put in a low quality setting or maybe even dynamic scaling depending on how much action is going on. But whats more annoying is the fact that my screen randomly goes black for a second or so which also leads to a 1-2 second freeze of the game. This only happens with this game.
  3. Does the squire have anything left at all? Everything that drops beside my totem has nothing on it.
  4. PDT isn't just too good or even op it breaks everything about the game. I just cleared a ilvl I think 580 or so map with my Ilvl340 huntress. I didnt had to think or even come up with a basic strategy. My gear wasn't optimal either(first 50 items I found in my chest since she hit 50 a little before that "experiment"). + 1 Spike Blockade(wasn't even needed nothing hit it even once) + 3 PDT(1 per lane is enough once a single guy dies the lane is cleared.) in every lane Then I went afk after all were upgraded to level 3(which was unneccesary too) No Idea how Trendy manages to let something so obvious slip through. Maybe take some cash and hire actual gametester? I don't think they could create content that is hard enough to compete with PDT right now. Rule of thumb is: Can it kill a single unit? yes --> you won the map
  5. Can we get an option to let towers priotize either air or land(and maybe none like it is right now) units? Or maybe just give air units the highest priority over everything else. Sometimes air units just fly past all of my defenses and not a single tower attacks them.
  6. So, apparently you guys still didn't bother to work on the horrible melee combat. The auto-walking and aiming is insanely annoying and should be fixed immediatly. It can't be that hard to add an on/off toggle into the menu for both of them(ike in DD 1). I want to enjoy this game and my Squire but everytime I try to fight off enemies it reminds me how messed the combat is in this regard. It's mindblowing how something so little with such a huge influx on the enjoyment just gets ignored entirely. (Might just be my impression since it bothers me alot) Edit: And please remove the "looking for players" Countdown when playing solo and starting your first match of the day. Its another little thing that just doesn't have to be that way.
  7. The big one issue is the target prioritizing for me. (oh and the inventory management but thats a given...) Often it happens that burrowers and witcher guys(forgot the name the ones that ressurect skeletons) stack up behind orcs/bosses and just make the tower get useless since the ogres/orcs get (nearly) outhealed. The game then forces me to go to them and push them in front of the towers or really slowly kill them. Also *** the scavenger push him off a high cliff please.
  8. Remove this old [insert bad words] and then ask the community for a solution since you can't come up with one that doesn't break the whole game. If no dev in your team saw the flaws and zero gains of the scavenger I am really scared for the future of this game. !!!Stock up on your QA apartment!!! It seems no one actually starts the game while developing a new patch you just hammer the code into it and then send it out. The other option is you tried to force more bags onto us by destroying the little inventory managment we had. I really don't know which option I would prefer.
  9. I didn't have 241+ gear and got them today in my mail. This game never stops with the miracles. :D
  10. My Ballista attack speed dropped from 3s(-2s) to 4.43s(-0.01s). Well thats harsh balancing. :P Edit: It seems like that bug only affects old items. Just got a drop with 4% Blockade Health
  11. Ever since I started playing this game trying to fight off enemies as a squire always was a pain in the ass. Trying to focus an enemy is impossible my squire constantly targets enemies on the side or even behind me instead of the one at my cursor. The autmove "feature" is also devastating why isn't there an option to deactivate this plague?
  12. When you are supposed to select a reward from the relic shop you get the mission to equip the reward item. I sold it since it wasn't better then my old item and now I can't go on with questing. Nevermind for some reason after reequipping my other relic a few times it completed the quest.
  13. Thats not how you get trolls to stop being trolls. They're trolls they only care about frustration and anger in others that is their reward. being nice and non destructiv is no work, You wouldn't give an child 20$ for every day it didn't insult you would you?
  14. Why reward players for something that should be normal? Thats just how you force players to do the bare minimum of getting those rewards trolls also usualy don't care about rewards. Another problem is if you make them too bad no one will care but if you make them too good it will be destructive for the gameplay too I would love a cs:go'ish like penalty system. If you don't do damage/up/rep fpr more then 2 waves in a round you should get a punishment. Same for too many reports in a short time. 30/120/... min group play bann. Of course that system is exploitable for 3 player teams that spam report everyone they see. But you could put a cooldown on the report feature.
  15. Thats not how F2P works they would generate money and once the big % of players aquired all the items they would generate next to nothing(except for bag buys but people wont buy them forever too). I am no fan of this system but they need to keep an long-term income going. And nothing stops you from farming wyvern tokens and using those keys.
  16. You can't write a review because you don't own the game anymore(for what ever reason). You'll have to talk to the steam support as Trendy has no control over your steam libary(for obvious reasons :P). Check your Emails for steam related stuff they had to tell you why it got removed.
  17. I wouldn't say the blockades are useless. On Incursion with just 600 DefHealth(I could raise that by a good 150-200 points) my blockades can almost survive a whole wave and those stats are from just Itempower 93. (unless a miniboss/ogre approaches the lane but you should tank them off anyway) They could use a little more Health/damage reduction though thats true. My recommendation is: If the DPS part is already taken by the other members just create a meatshield. You can tank off a whole lane that way if geared properly. All you need is HeroHealth, PhysRes and HealthOnHit stats. Mix in a bit of DefHealth and you are good to go.
  18. The teleporting also called "rubberbanding" is still in the game. I don't know how bad it was during the first release days but the problem isn't gone completely. Enemies can become "immortal" since they lagg out so hard no hit actualy gets registered/displayed. If they die at some point their corpses teleport back to the actual position which can be the start of the spawn path sometimes. Especialy those devilish little tnt goblins just won't die sometimes. ;P Wouldn't say its gamebreaking.
  19. Guess the login servers are bombarded got the same problem solution is patience. :P Just restart the launcher every now and then I just got back in while writing this text.
  20. So it seems the issue that exists to this day in DD1/DDE still isn't fixed. When you tab out of the game and back in my game crashes randomly and gives me this error: http://imgur.com/uACugSD It was fixes in DDE/DD1 by switching to Fullscreen mode that doesn't help in DD2 at all It seems to be a general Engine issue(happens in several UE games) but can't you guys do anything about it at all? At least write an angry letter to the UE Developer! :P
  21. Locate this file: X:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dungeon Defenders 2\DunDef2\UDKGame\Config\UDKOptions.ini.local.ini Hit CTRL + F and search for "ScreenMode"(without the ""). Change the number behind the = to either 0 or 1 0 = Windowed 1 = Fullscreen windowed 2 = Fullscreen
  22. Can't believe they put this mechanic back in... most annoying "feature" of the whole series. (after the stupid EV AI on lab assault of course SCREW YOU EV's!) They should add a "collect all green mana on the map" -button to the game. Only useable after a wave finished of course. At least you wouldn't need to run around the whole map every wave that way.
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